Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Time For Free Samples & More!

Here are some free samples to request, yippee!!

Total® Cranberry Crunch cereal sample

Orville Redenbacher's® Natural Gourmet® Popping Corn sample

Free Kerasal Foot Lotion Sample-has to be requested via snail mail.

Don Francisco’s Breakfast Blend Coffee sample

Cascadian Farm chocolate chip granola bar sample

And....enter some free Pamper's points at Gifts To Go. Free codes thanks to Freebies 4 Mom.

WEAPPRECIATEU08 (10 points)-this one didn't work for me
WELCOME2GTG0809 (1 point)
WELCOMEBONUS089 (1 point)

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Be Sure To Check Out The Coupon Bar

My Coupons.Com coupon bar on the left has new coupons!! Some of my favorites are:

$1.00 off Kellogg's cereal (lots of different ones)

$2.00 Huggies Big Pack

$.35 off Pillsbury Crescent Rolls and Sweet Rolls

Happy Printing!! :)

$4000 Hallmark Sweeps!!

Sorry!!!! This sweeps is already closed! :(

Monday, December 29, 2008

Kellogg's Smart Start Rebate

Have you submitted yours yet? I went to Kroger yesterday to do some "fill in" shopping. After submitting the Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheat or Smart Start rebate for the Strawberry Bites, this trip to Kroger was only $27.51.

You'll notice I got 3 more biscuits....I can't pass them up since they are still on sale for $1.99 or $1.19 after my $.40 coupon is doubled.

For more rebates I submitted this week, click here, here and here.

That's my cat on the right, sniffing out my deals!! :)

Free Milk At Albertsons-Dec 29

After I made a $12.22 profit at Walgreens and picked up a free movie rental at Redbox, the kids and I stopped into Albertsons. Schepps 1/2 gallon milk is on sale for $.99. What a deal!!

Here's what I got:

2 Schepps 1/2 gallon milk $1.98
Royal Doulton place-setting $29.99
Totino's Pizza, on sale $.88


(2) $.50 Schepps 1/2 gallon milk coupons doubled(from the newspaper a while back, expire in a few days)
Card full of stickers for place-setting (making it FREE)

Total OOP = $.88 for pizza (lunch). What a big spender I am for the kids lunch treat!! :)

P.S. In a few months I plan to sell the place-settings on eBay. I'm always thinking of ways to make money!! Haha!

Profitable Trip To Walgreens-Dec 29

I've been in the mood to shop lately. I don't know if it's the lack of coupons, expiring coupons or the rebates I remembered I had! :) Here's how my trip to Walgreens went down:

Revlon Matte Blush (needed- since I dropped my blush in the sink last week) $9.99
Orajel Cold Sore stuff $8.49


$2.00 Revlon newspaper coupon
$1.00 Orajel newspaper coupon (next to rebate)

Total Paid to Wags GC = $16.10 (zero OOP cash paid)

I submitted my Walgreens Easy Saver rebate for both items and get the purchase price, plus $1.84 bonus for having it loaded to my gift card. The total that will be paid back, $20.32, for a "profit" of $4.22.

Plus, I'm submitting the manufacturers $8.00 rebate for the Orajel. Total trip profit, $12.22. Yay rebates!!

P.S. I stopped by the Redbox outside Walgreens for my free Monday rental. :)

Redbox Code-Dec 29th

Here's your free rental code for Monday, December 29th only:


I'm heading out the door to do some "free" shopping....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Profit With Rebate at CVS-Dec 28

I had a great trip to CVS this morning. I've been out of the groove lately with the rebates, so I cleaned and organized them a few days ago. Doing so, gave me a profit on last week's CVS trip and made today's trip profitable as well. Yay for being organized!!

Here's what I purchased today:

2 Pantenes, on sale, $7.00
2 Dawns, on sale B1G1 free, $1.99
Theraflu Warming variety $6.59


$3.00/2 Pantene coupon from today's P&G insert
(2) $.50 Dawn (about to expire) P&G coupons
$2.00 Theraflu coupon that was next to the rebate (newspaper a while back)
$3.99 in ECB from last week (I spent the other $2.99 on Christmas Eve getting chocolate)
$3/$15 CVS coupon-details at I Heart CVS

Total OOP=$2.59 and $4.00 in ECB were received (I made $.01 in ECB....haha)

I have the Theraflu Warming rebate ready to mail tomorrow, for $4.59. They are paying the rebate back the purchase price minus the $2.00 coupon....tricky of them, huh? Giving me an overall profit on the trip of $2.01. Remember to keep your rebates organized!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cash 4 Gold....???????

Anyone out there ever given this a try??


I'll admit it....I did!! I didn't get as much $$ as I had hoped (what can I say, I'm optimistic) but I did turn some old broken stuff into cash. I guess those people getting $250 back must have had a LOT of old jewelry. :)

Your turn......tell me what you think of Cash 4 Gold.

Free Green Giant Steamers at Walmart

Right before Christmas I braved Walmart for a few things and noticed that the Green Giant Steamers were on "Rollback". They are now only $1.00 (no sauce variety). There have been a couple of $1.00 newspaper coupons issued in the past month or so, making the Steamers FREE.

I ended up with 6 free bags. Yay!!

Anyone out shopping for after Christmas deals????? Find anything awesome?????

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday's Redbox Free Rental Code Is...


Good until midnight, Dec 22nd. Happy Renting!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Best I Could Do At CVS-Dec 21

CVS was wiped out his morning! They are having a great Sunday/Monday Extra Care Buck sale. Lots of fun stuff, it was just all gone by 11am. Here's the 2 things I did find:

1 Listerine $2.99
1 Excedrin $3.99


$1.00 CVS/Excedrin coupon I got in the mail
$5.00 in ECB from here

Total OOP = $.98 and 6.98 in ECB were received. Total "profit" $1.00. I hope you have a good trip this week!

UPDATE (12/28/08) - I remembered (when I was organizing my rebates) I had the Excedrin rebate!! I just sent it off for $3.99, so cash profit was $3.01 and total "profit" was $4.99. Yay!! :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today Is The Last Day To Mail For Christmas Eve Delivery

I read at the Post Office yesterday that today (Dec 20) is the last day to mail your First Class (cards) and Priority (presents) Mail for a Christmas Eve delivery.

I hope everyone is done mailing, I finished yesterday. Although I have some eBay to mail today. Yay!

Another thing about mailing, I always print my labels from home through Paypal. Go to "Merchant Services", then under tax and shipping go to "Multi-Order Shipping". Voila!! Printing labels at home is cheaper too! No need to run to the Post Office either, you can request a carrier pick-up for free.

Since they arrive faster, I usually drop my packages off when I'm out and about doing errands. Here in Wylie, I always go to Video Hits (PO Contract Site). It's right next to the real PO but the line is short and the owner (Mike) and his staff are so nice!

Friday, December 19, 2008

"All You" Coupons For January

Curious about the January "All You" coupons????

Click Here...there's a total of $19.70 in all.

Remember that you can only get "All You" at Walmart or through a subscription. It's worth it!! :)

Samples To Make Your Mailbox Think It's Always Christmas

Here's some freebies to keep that mailbox happy!

Kleeenx Lotion Facial Tissues from Sam's, leave the member number blank if you need to.

Free 8x10 print from Walgreens. This expires tomorrow (12/20/08)!!!!! Use code FREEGIFT at checkout.

5 free issues of Cosmopolitan magazine from StartSampling. I love free magazines. You can read them, sometimes they have fun coupons and then I donate mine to the library.

Walmart's sample page-stop by to see if you've missed one. I don't always mention Walmart since they seem to repeat some samples (panty liners, Benefiber, etc).

Free Christmas Printables (coloring pages)-this is one to bookmark! They have tons of coloring pages. :)

We're off to color and make some snowflakes for the house. Speaking of snowflakes, make virtual snowflakes here.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Huggies Deal at Kroger's This Week

A big thanks to my sister-in-law, Allie (she's over at Lucky Duck Savings), for forwarding me this info!!

This week, December 17-24, get $3 instant savings at checkout with any $16 Huggies purchase. Packs of diapers are on sale for $9.99. Here's a list of coupons to mix and match/add to this offer:

1. Newspaper coupons or coupons mailed to you from Huggies Happy Baby

2. $2.00 Pull-Ups printable coupon from Huggies Big Kid Central

3. $2.00 off Huggies Newborn Gentle Care diapers eCoupon from Shortcuts

4. $1.00 rebate per pack from The Caregivers Marketplace

Here's my personal scenario:

2 packs of Pull-Ups for $19.98


$3.00 instant credit at register

(2) $2.00 printable Pull-Ups coupons

$12.98 paid OOP and $2.00 sent off for rebate from The Caregivers Marketplace = $11.98 or $5.49 per pack. Not bad at all!!! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Redbox Rental at Walgreens on Wednesday (12/17)

Here's a promo code for a free Redbox rental, courtesy of Walgreens!!


Visit the Walgreens/Redbox page for more info.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wylie Mom Random Sunday List-Dec 14

Good Morning!! I found just a couple of things with the coupon inserts that are worth looking at.

1. Be sure the clip out the mail-in form for the P&G $120 Coupon Booklet . You need to purchase $50 in P&G products between Dec 14 (today) and January 31, 2009. Sounds easy enough!! I'll keep my mail-in form with my rebates in my coupon binder. Be sure to click above for a preview of what coupons are included. :)

2. Campbell's has a sweeps for kids ages 6-15 at MySlurp.Com. You'll need a code form the bottom of a Campbell's condensed soup can. Grand prize is a cruise!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free Starbucks in Frisco

We headed out to Frsico's Merry Main Street last night (thanks Nana and Poppy!). It was lots of fun, but on the chilly side for us Texans. :)

If you do get over to Frisco's Christmas in the on the look out for the Starbucks booth. There should be a Starbucks employee nearby handing out cards for a free (Starbucks) Red Exclusive beverage.

Here's more info on the (Starbucks) Red Exclusive coffees, $.05 from each cup is donated to the Global Fund.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Diaper Deal at CVS-Dec 11

I headed into CVS for the diaper deal yesterday. Here's how I did:

2 Pull-Ups $20.00
2 Huggies Wipes $6.00


(2) $2.00 printable Pull-Ups coupon
$3/$15 CVS coupon I got in the mail a few months back
$8.99 in ECB from way back here

Total OOP, $11.66. But I'll submit my receipts to The Caregivers Marketplace for $2.00 back. So total OOP was really $9.66.

I got $5.00 in ECB back, so the total "cost" of the trip was $4.66.

P.S. I just got my Caregivers Marketplace rebates ready to mail.....$8.00. Yippee!!

P.P.S. I logged in to print a coupon for a free Powerade (free with ECB at CVS this week) from MyCokeRewards, but they are mailing it. Bummer!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry for another little break! My dad and step-mom treated us to Disney World for Christmas. We had so much fun!!! The kids were in shock for 4 days!!!

Now, back to the real world. I have to unpack, clean, wash, grocery shop, Christmas shop, pay bills.....okay that's enough to get me down. Better get to it. I'll be back to blogging by tomorrow most likely.

Thanks for hanging in there!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Online Rebates~Ebates vs. BigCrumbs

I'll have to admit, during the holidays I'm truly more of an online shopper. To me, nothing beats sitting in PJ's and drinking cocoa while I surf around for deals and free shipping. Before Thanksgiving, I sat down to knock out my (and Santa's) list for the kids.

After figuring out where to get each item, I checked out the two online rebate sites I belong to. I wanted to see who was going to pay me more for shopping "through" them. I checked out:

Ebates (offers $5 to sign up)

BigCrumbs (offers fun eBay rebates)

The 3 stores I was going to shop at were Walmart, Toys R Us and Baby Center. After a brief comparison, BigCrumbs was my winner. They are paying our slightly higher on Walmart and Baby Center, but the main difference was that Ebates doesn't pay out at all for Toys R Us.

Overall, I'll be getting back $9.45 in rebates (compared to $4.26 at Ebates). Another thing I like about BigCrumbs is that the money is deposited right into my PayPal account (on a monthly basis). So, the lesson here is to shop around!!!!

3 Quick $$ Saving Tips for Online Shopping:

1. Shop around for the best price

2. Look for a rebate program to pay you back for your purchase

3. Look around and use "promotion codes" for additonal % off and/or FREE shipping (try eBates, Hot Coupon World, SlickDeals, Flamingo World, Retail Me Not, etc. for promotiopn codes)

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