Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What I Got At CVS This Week-Sept 29

Here's how I did at CVS this week:

Transaction #1

2 Sunsilks $7.00 (needed)
2 Kids Colgates $5.00 (needed)
Cover Girl foundation $5.49
Cover Girl Powder $5.49


$1.50 Sunsilk coupon from newspaper
$1.00 Sunsilk coupon from sample
(2) $.75 Kids Colgate coupons from newspaper
B1G1 coordinating Cover Girl product P&G coupon
$3/$15 CVS coupon
$8.00 in ECB

OOP=$2.49 and I got back $9.49 in ECB. $2.00 for the Colgate, $2.00 for the Sunsilk and $5.49 for the CG foundation.

Transaction #2

3 Cokes and 1 Sprite 12 pack $13.00
Folgers Coffee $2.99 (needed)
2 CVS Brand Pretzels $1.58 (impulse purchase due to magic coupon machine!)


$.25 Folgers P&G coupon
(4) $1.00 Coke 12 pack coupons from cashing in Coke Points
$1.00/2 CVS Brand Pretzels coupon from magic machine
$7.79 in ECB from transaction #1
$3/$15 coupon

OOP=$1.53, I hadn't planned on getting the pretzels, but still a good deal overall!!

I could have thrown in some candy and used $2 more in ECB. That would have lowered my OOP down to about zero, but they were in the car! I had my son and was "traveling light". I've moved into a new huge coupon binder. More on that later. Anyway, I got back $3 in ECB for the Coke. My total OOP for the week $4.02 and I still have $5.00 in ECB left for next week. And, I knocked out 3 things on my shopping list, the Sunsilk, kids toothpaste and coffee. I'll consider the Coke and pretzels "free" and I'll just sell the make-up, which was "free" too, on eBay. It can pay for next week's CVS trip!

I Gave Walmart A Little Love

I haven't been to Walmart in well over a month and I finally made it yesterday. It was part of my power shopping day. I hit Walmart, 2 CVS's, Kroger and Texas Thrift. No shopping for me today !! Anyway, here's what I got for $37.40 at Walmart. I saved $27.22 with coupons. Not bad considering I rounded out my shopping for the week at Kroger (free) and CVS (under $5).

Oh wait! I purchased the Arm & Hammer stuff and will get $2.82 back from the rebate (that's already been mailed). So I guess, I really only spent $34.06 (and saved $30.04). Yippee!

I finally used the Bisquick coupons I talked about here. It was priced $2.98 for the 40 oz box. Or, $1.98 after coupon. That's a good sized box and much cheaper than the store brand. Stocking up is the key to frugal living! :)

Small Profit At Kroger

I did a ton of shopping yesterday. Here's my awesome trip to Kroger:

Duncan Hines Carrot Cake $2.89
Duncan Hines Frosting $1.69
3 Apples $2.63
Kroger Creamer $2.29
Jolly Time Popcorn $1.00
2 Glade Gel Plug-Ins $3.58
2 Cottonelle TP $2.38


$1.00 DH Carrot Cake coupon
$1.00 DH Cream Cheese Frosting coupon
$1.00 Jolly Time Popcorn coupon
(2) $.50 Cottonelle coupon from paper doubled
B1G1 Free Glade Gel Plug-In coupon from paper
$6.50 in Kroger Catalina's from here

I paid $2.83 OOP but will get back $2.89 from this Duncan Hines Carrot Cake rebate. So that's a small cash profit of $.06. AND, I got back another $4.00 in Catalina's from the Glade Plug-Ins, so an overall profit of $4.06. I'm so proud of this trip! :)

I saved $15.38 and got credit for $16 towards the fuel rewards.

I would have gotten more popcorn but had printer issues and didn't feel like changing computers and/or printers. And, I wanted to also say that Kroger coffee creamer is REALLY good!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Disney Pumpkin Stencils

Found them!! Visit Huggies Happy Baby to get the Disney Pumpkin Stencils. They are so cute!!

Here's what the site says:

"Print your favorite Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella pumpkin stencil! Choose Aurora, Prince, Maleficent, Fairies and Dragon from the sleeping beauty collection. Or choose Cinderella, Castle, Cat and Mouse from the Cinderella collection. Click on the pattern size perfect for your pumpkin and print. "

The hard part in my house will be picking which two we will do. What's your favorite?

The Wylie Mom Random Sunday List

I'm such a random blogger, in case you haven't noticed. I'm not fond of strict schedules, I guess since I've followed one all my life. But, it does seem that on Sunday I like telling you about sweeps and freebies, etc. So I gave it a name, like it? Anyway....here's the good stuff!

3 different Kotex samples from Walgreens

Always Infinity sample and coupon from Walgreens

Right Guard® “Never Get Caught Off Guard™”
NBA All-Star Sweepstakes
from Walgreens. Grand prize is a trip to Phoenix, first place will be $175 NBA store gift cards and second place will be $50 Walgreens gift cards. Pick me, pick me!

GE Lighting Style Sweepstakes-win $25,000 to dececorate your home, or win $500 or $50. You can enter daily....

Beck's has two sweeps going on, you can enter to win a trip Trip to Germany or enter the monthly sweeps for a MP3 Speaker Tower.

Schick Quattro Titanium sample from Schick. The one with the trimmer that I requested way back here came on Friday. Patience is sometimes needed when requesting samples!

I also saw a super cute ad for Disney pumpkin carving stencils at Huggies. They are supposed to be at HuggiesBabyNetwork.Com, but I haven't found them. I'll keep trying on that one!!!! :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

CVS Circular Is Back To "Normal" Schedule

I didn't get the new CVS circular this week with my weekly Wylie paper (big city!!). No big deal I think, it's happened before. So today while I was out doing errands I stopped in CVS to grab one. There were none! Starting tomorrow the DFW "test market" is going back to the Sunday - Saturday sale schedule. CVS was only testing it for 6 weeks. I ended up liking it, but I guess time will tell if they change it for good. :)

Want to see the CVS circular before the paper comes out? I usually visit I Heart CVS!! Looks like I'll be cashing in more Coke points for coupons.......Coke 12 packs are rewarding ECB next week! Yippee!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost Free Shoes

My daughter has needed shoes for weeks. Well, sneakers that is. I sold her old pair on eBay thinking we'll just run out and get her some new ones. It was way harder than I thought it would be to find her shoes.

First stop was Macy's. I went when they had the big One Day Only sale a couple of Saturday's ago. I was armed with my $10 off coupon and I still had about $35 on a GC from last Christmas (yes, I hoard GC's). Since when does Macy's not carry shoes??????? The closest Macy's to me doesn't sell shoes!

Second try, Kohl's was having a sale (what's new, right?) and I received an extra 30% card. I found one really cute pair of Nikes for her.......but not in her size. In fact, there was nothing in her size that didn't have Dora or a Princess on it. And we are NOT into themed shoes, so strike two!

I was getting desperate. Poor thing had to wear Crocs to the park and deal with all the bark in her shoes. I started to feel bad for selling the old ones even though she couldn't wear them.

So, yesterday on the way home from Pre-School (no extra gas used) I took her into Dillard's. I had a $10 off card Dillard's had sent for my birthday. It was looking pretty bleak in Dillard's as well. I didn't want brown or black sneakers, no characters and they needed to fit. I'm just soooo picky, huh? Finally, the salesperson finds a cute pair of Skechers in the back. They were marked $39. So with my "Wylie Mom Math" I figure $39 minus my $10 coupon and minus the $6.50 profit on the old pair, $23 for a new pair of shoes is an okay deal. Like my math? I love to present number in the best possible way. :)

Finally, I start to pay for the new shoes. Once scanned, no price comes up. The sweet girl calls the manager and they look them up. They were the only pair in the whole store and they somehow missed the all markdowns. They were $9.75!!!!!!! So after tax and my $10 coupon, I paid only $.55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Told you I was feeling lucky!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

$5 Walgreens Coupon Friday/Saturday

Here's the new Walgreens coupon. I'm still not happy with Walgreens as far as the Register Rewards program. On the other hand, their rebate program is pretty cool.

It's $5 off of $20, after coupons and before tax. You know the drill! :)

I've had a list ready to go for some rebate items for over a week now. I knew a coupon was coming...I could feel it, so I've been waiting. Remember too, Walgreens has great deals on printer ink refills. This week they are B1G1 free (with coupon from circular), so it would be two blacks for $10 or two colors for $15. Awesome deal!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

One More Trip To Kroger

Like I said, I made another run to Kroger. I couldn't pass up the B1G1 Sara Lee Bread and the frozen Pillsbury Biscuits at such a low price!! These Pillsbury's were even cheaper ($.79 each)because the cashier scanned my coupons and the peelies on the bag. I was hoping to save the peelies for later....oops!

I spent $20.88, saved $37.56 and got back $$ too.

I saved $14.29 in coupons

I saved $7.30 with bonus coupon savings (double or triple coupons)

I saved $15.97 with my Kroger card (sale prices and Kroger bonus savings etc) and $2.45 of that was eCoupons

I earned $46 for the Kroger Fuel Rewards

And....(drum roll please) and got back $6.50 in Catalinas, so it was really like I only spent $14.38. I think I'm really getting the hang of Kroger. Oh, and I got a $.50 cat treat coupon too.

I got back $2.00 for each Glade Gel Plug-In (they were $1.79 each and I used a B1G1 cpn.....straight up money maker!) And I got back $2.50 from the Fruit Snacks. Check out this great post at Saving Our Cents for a list of Kroger Catalina's.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What? A New CVS Coupon?

Yup, that's right!! There is a new $3/$15 coupon. Click here to get all the info from Gina the Thriftee Momee.

It's good until October 5th. Yippee!!

My Weekly CVS Run

Here's what I ended up with this week:

Transaction #1

Crest Pro Health Rinse $2.99
Crest Pro Health Paste $2.99
Nivea For Men Wash $4.99


$.75 Crest Toothpaste cpn (P&G coupon)
$1.00 Nivea coupon (I think this was from a Nivea sample)
$2/$10 CVS coupon
$5.00 in ECB

Total OOP $2.22 and $8.99 back in ECB

Transaction #2

Adidas Deodorant $4.99
Coke $1.39
CVS Fabric Softner $2.99
Crackers (not pictured) $.40
Pen, because my son picked cheap crackers and not candy as a filler $.25


$1.00 Adidas cpn from newspaper
$1.39 Free 20 oz Coke cpn from cashing out Coke Rewards
$2/$10 CVS coupon
$4.99 in ECB

Total OOP $.64 and I got back $4.00 in ECB.

So I spent $2.86 total out of pocket and ended up with $8.00 in ECB. Since I started the week with only $5 in ECB, I had an overall profit of $.14. Wow...big money! Haha! I tried to do the Loreal, Friday/Saturday deal but was too busy Friday. I went Saturday and they were totally out!! It wasn't even marked!! Oh well, life goes on. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm Feeling Lucky!

Last night I got a comment from Megan at Saving Our Cents telling me I won $100 in coupons from this giveaway that she had. Yippee!!

Then, today in the mail I get some Hanes Wedgie Free panties!! I won them from entering the Wedgie Free Wednesday Sweeps here. It's a daily sweeps and Hanes picks 500 winners each Wednesday until the end of the year. So there is plenty of time to win your pair!

I also got my first $5 rebate from The Caregivers Marketplace and a coupon for a free 20 oz Coke. I got the Coke coupon from cashing out some of my my Coke Rewards points. I have a few more coupons from Coke coming in the mail and I have a few that they allowed me to print off.

As far as the Coke rewards, I have a little drawer near my desk where I stash the caps and 12pk codes. I usually sit down and enter them every month or so. Plus, if they have a bonus day (with double points or something) I have codes waiting to be entered. I'll admit we hardley ever buy soda anymore so I thought I'd get some coupons and "treat" us to some Coke. I'm holding out for a good sale though....

Albertson's-Sept 22

I headed to Albertson's for Helpers and Klennex. They were out of Kleenex (well, at least the ones to work my dirt cheap deal!). Oh well, serves me right for waiting until Monday to shop. Here's all I got:

6 Helper's on sale $1.00 each - (2) $.75/3 Helper cpn = $.75 each

1 French Bread free with coupon, it was a survey on my receipt from my last trip to Albertson's.

Total OOP, $4.50 and I "saved" $10.14. I also got a free Redbox movie on the way out.

Click here for Redbox codes anytime and click here to sign up at Redbox. You get your first rental free and can sign up for free rental codes on Monday and Wednesday, via text message. You can also reserve your movie online and the Redbox will hold it for you. That's pretty cool, since it's such a gamble to rent from a machine. You never know what is available. Can you tell I'm a big fan of Redbox? I thought they were so odd a year ago, I kept wondering why anyone would ever rent from it. Because it's FREE! That's why!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Random Sunday Sweeps

I only found one in the paper with the coupons, but I could have missed something! Today, I found a Windex/Weather Channel sweepstakes. Grand Prize is $15K for eco-friendly lighting for your home. I don't think my home would quite need $15K to upgrade my lights.....those would be some exciting lights for my little house!! Haha! First Place prize is a $50 check (and a $50 environmental donation) and Second Place winners will get Windex and CFL bulbs.

Click here to Enter the Weather Channel/Windex Sweepstakes!!

Looking for more Sweeps???? Here are some from Good Housekeeping, just click Here, Here and Here.

Don't receive Good Housekeeping yet? This month you can get a free subscription from the Kroger family of stores with the purchase of $20 in participating products in a single transaction. A catalina will print out after your purchase. I found a great list of info here at My Penny Pile. No reason for me to re-type all of that! :) Offer ends October 11, 2008

See any good sweeps?? Leave me a comment!

The Coolest Advisory Panel Yet!

Check out this post by April at Little April Big World. She gives us a heads up on the coolest Advisory Panel to date.......CVS!!!

It looks like they will send you surveys about 4 times a year and will pay you for your time with.......(drum roll please)........Extra Care Bucks!!! Yippee!!!! It said payment would be $2-15 in ECB, depending on the survey length.

So, a HUGE thanks to April for sharing this super fun news! Yay April!!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Recieved An Award!

A huge thank you to Justine over at Justine's Grocery Brags for awarding me the Brillante Weblog award!! Yay!! It's always fun to get an award, that means at least one person is reading my awesome blog! Haha! So here's the best part, I get to pass the award on to some fellow bloggers.

Here's the deal:

1. Place the logo on your blog.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. You can nominate up to 5 blogs.
4. You can then add their links to your blog, use blog's button if available.
5. Leave a message in the comment section to each nominee on their blog

I nominate:

picture not available

P.S. I now feel really uncool beacuse I don't have a button for my blog!

The Martha Blog!

I had no clue that Martha Stuart had a blog. I don't watch TV. Sorry, Martha! I'll have to start checking out her blog on a regular basis. Yes, I know I hate to cook, but I can be crafty! I always think of Martha Stewart as the holidays approach.

The Martha Blog

So, check out this post if you are interested in having your blog featured on Martha's blog. Wow, now that be super cool! She even had the king (or queen) of blogging, Perez Hilton, on her show. That's not a match I would have come up with. I'll have to investigate that later when I get a chance...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What's For Dinner?

I'll admit it, I hate to cook. I can cook, I just don't enjoy it, not even a little. So last night, I was on the hunt for some fun and easy recipes using the tomato soup I bought.

Visit Campbell's Kitchen for over 1800 recipes. You can type in a few ingredients that you have on hand and what type of meal you're looking to make (main dish, side, etc) and voila! I found several using the soup, and I had all the ingredients already on hand. Even better!

Another great site for recipes is Kraft Foods. There are TONS of great recipes. This site you start with the meal and type of dish you're looking for. For example you can select, "poultry" and "casserole" and 63 recipes come up. Then you can sort them by prep time and number of ingredients (my favorite part).

Yummy meals can be easy!!

Betty Crocker Coupons

There are new Betty Crocker coupons to print! My favorite is the $1.00 off Bisquick. This is always a low price at Walmart. About $2.80 based off memory. It's been a while since I had a coupon for Bisquick! Anyway, you can get a 40oz box for under $2 if you shop around.

Betty Crocker Coupons

What your favorite Betty Crocker coupon?

Yippee for Kroger!!

I had a great trip to Kroger this morning! It had been 13 days since I've gone grocery shopping. Hubby did go to Albertson's last week before the hurricane came through. He spent about $10 on bread, fruit, etc. 911 services called the house and warned us about power outages so we actually got prepared. Anyway, here's what I got for $36.14!!!! I was pretty happy with it.

This week Kroger has a Reward Your School sale going on. If you buy 15 participating items you get $3.00 off at checkout. Great, right? Well ,the circular didn't tell you the half of what was included!! I was so excited to see more and more things already on my list, included. So, I put back 4 soups. Here's what I got that's included in the $3.00/15 sale.

4 Chex Mix on sale $1.45 each - (4) $.50 cpns doubled - $.80 extra savings = $.25 each

4 Campbell's Soups (Chx Noodle or Tomato) on sale $.60 each - $.40/4 cpn doubled - $.80 extra savings =$.20 each

2 Fiber One Granola Bars on sale $2.19 - (2) $1.00 cpn - $.40 extra savings = $.99 each

3 Goldfish Crackers on sale $1.45 - $.60 extra savings = 1.25 each (a coupon would have been even better)

2 Pillsbury Frozen Biscuits on sale $ 2.49 - (2) $.50 cpn doubled (from my coupon bar!) - $.40 extra savings = $1.29 each

Other good deals:

Sara Lee bread was B1G1, so I got 2 for $2.39 (some loaves are $2.09) and used the $.55 coupon that Kroger sent me last week, so it was $.92 a loaf!

Tampico is $1.00 a gallon

Easy Mac single serves $1.00/each, $.50 each with a $1.00/2 coupon.

Red Delicious Apples $.99/lb

Pillsbury Cresent rolls $1.67 - $.50 cpn (from my coupon bar) doubled = $.67 each

Fiber One Yogurt $1.50 after coupon (from my coupon bar, of course!)

Milk $3/gallon

I think I might go once more this week for more of the $3.00/15 items, I can't resist stocking up on fun food! Oh, I also got a $57 credit toward the Kroger Fuel Rewards. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Story Time!

It's seems like all the pieces are back in place, with our fall schedule that is. The last missing piece was the start up of story time at the local library. Since summer is such a busy season for them, they take some time off at the end of the summer. I'm so glad it's started again. We continued to visit the library for books, but it's not the same as story time!!

I definitely have a couple of young readers on my hands. My daughter was so excited last week after story time, that she set up "story time" in her room and read to us and her stuffed animals all afternoon. When you ask my son if he wants to go to the library, he starts dancing around singing "books, books". Funny!

Here in Wylie, they have 3 story times. Two are for ages 3-5 and one is for ages 0-2. They read books, sing songs, have felt stories and always do a craft. We of course also get to borrow books and even movies.....all for FREE! I encourage you to look up you local library and go check it out. You never know what fun programs yours could be offering! Ours has an after school teen center, tutoring, programs for youngsters learning to read, adult book groups/discussions, get the idea? :)

You can also head over to Pottery Barn (Tuesdays) or a Barnes & Noble (dates & times vary) for story time. Of course there you are tempted to buy some of the cute & pretty things in the store......but be strong and just listen to the free stories!

Check out (haha) you local library!!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Got My Answer From Walgreens

What was the question? Click right here.

The register blocked me from getting the RR because I used a $2 RR from Windex last week, and was trying to get another RR in the same amount ($2) from the same company. SC Johnson (Windex) and Kimberly-Clark (Huggies) are the same I guess?????

The manager was VERY nice. She expressed a lot of frustration over the RR program. I'm sure it is hard for them, having to answer all these questions about the system they don't quite understand. It's way too complicated for the customers. I guess we should be keeping track of what company is a parent company of another to be an efficient shopper.

So, looks like I'll try to stay away from the Register Reward deals and Walgreens altogether unless it's REALLY straight forward or a rebate deal..........just when I was getting all excited about shopping there. Darn!! :(

Waiting On A Call Back From Walgreens

What a bad trip.....not even picture worthy. I got Pull-Ups and Trident but received NO Register Rewards from the Pull-Ups. Grrrrr!!!!!!

I used a Pull-Ups $2.00 coupon, a $.75 Trident coupon from All You and the Walgreens $.99 Tridnet coupon, as well as $2.00 in Register Rewards from here. I ended up paying $6.71 OOP.

Now last week, I used a combo of coupons and RR, my OOP was under $1 and Register Rewards still printed out. Where is the consistency???

The Register Rewards program seems so hit and miss. I've heard every story under to moon: you used a coupon, Register Rewards can't be used for 24 hours (they need to be "loaded" into the system-haha), you didn't pay enough out of pocket....okay you get the idea. Lots of crazy excuses from the cashiers as well as the managers. So after today's purchase, I'll called Customer Service. I decided it was time to get to the bottom of this.

Customer Service said that yes, it's true, if you use a coupon you should NOT EVER be getting any Register Rewards back. Nice huh? I explained that sometimes that is true, but sometimes it is not. So, they will look into for me and call me back. We'll see.......

I don't care one way or the other, I just think things should be consistent so I (and fellow shoppers) know what I'm working with. I'm trying to give Walgreens some love, but they make it so hard! I'll keep you posted!

Fun Freebies!!

Let's start the day off right........with freebies that is!

Pledge Multi Surface Wipe sample from Walmart, they always have the best samples! Also, visit Pledge for a $1.00 coupon.

Crest Whitening Expressions from Wally World!

Jergens Naturals Lotion sample, you guessed it....Walmart again!

Mr. Clean Mini Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean.

"Real Control" Detangling Comb from Redkin.

Nature's Bounty Reuseable Shopping Bag with a $1.00 coupon inside.

And don't forget to request your Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate cookie.

Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom for some of these hot new samples!! See a hot sample or sweepstakes???? Please e-mail me or leave me a comment!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I Made Another Run For Purex

Anyone else excited to see more Purex coupons yesterday in the paper? I used my last 3 here but I was hoping for more. CVS has Purex on sale $2.99 each with $1.00 in Extra Care Bucks back with a limit of 5. I really wanted to get 2 more, but I am addicted to coupons and hate not using them. I was really bummed to see the Touch of Gray coupon after I already bought mine. Oh well! Anyway, it's not my best but here's how I did:

2 Purex $5.98
Aleve-D $3.99
Reese's (filler to reach $10) $.50


$2/$10 CVS cpn
$1.00/2 Purex from newspaper yesterday
$1.00 Aleve-D printable coupon
$3.00 in ECB from this trip

Total out of pocket was $3.47, ouch!!! But, I got back $5.00 in ECB. I guess I'm done for the week at CVS. New circular starts on Friday.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Decadent Carrot Cake Rebate

As if I don't have enough rebates to take care of (shop for), here's one more!! I love rebates, but be careful. Most require the original receipt so you can usually only get one rebate item per transaction. I try to do at least one rebate a week. Anyway, here you go:

Duncan Hines Decandent Carrot Cake Rebate-Expires January 31, 2009

This could be a money maker with these printable coupons!!!

3 cheers for free food and rebates!!!!

Ready to Win?

Here are some sweeps I found with the coupons this morning. Good luck!

Distinctively Dole Salad Mix-enter daily for your chance to win a free salad mix from Dole.

Trip for 4 to the Daytona 400 (grand prize)-enter daily, from Underwood Meat Spreads.

Family Reunion for 10 from Nestle Toll House-up to 5 entries.

Don't forget to visit Glamalert (click "gotta win it"). This month Glamour magazine has sweeps from Sephora, Express, Chevy Fashion Rocks, Tous, and Sally Hansen Best of You.

Anyone else find anything worth entering? Leave me a comment!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie

This looks way too yummy to pass up!

Kashi Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookie Sample

I credit Money Saving Mom for the heads up! Thanks!! :)

Back to Walgreens-$.82 OOP

I went back to Walgreens!! I just couldn't pass up more free Oust (since I had the coupons and all) and I was going to need Windex in a few weeks. I'm not much of an air freshener kinda gal, but the Oust is great!

2 Oust $5.98
2 Windex $4.98
Revlon Nail Color $4.79


$1.00 Oust Easy Saver cpn ($1.00 off each)
B1G1 Oust newspaper cpn
$1.00 Oust newspaper cpn
(2) $1.00 Windex printable cpn
$2.00 Revlon newspaper cpn
$5.00 in Register Rewards from here

Total OOP= $.82 and I got back $2.00 in RR for the Windex. I will also get back $5.26 for the Revlon ($4.79 plus 10% bonus for having it loaded to a Walgreens gift card). I haven't done my Walgreens Rebate yet. I have some more rebate shopping before the end of the month. :)

Seems like stores are paying me to shop this week! Yay drug stores!!!!

Less Than $1 At CVS

I have been having a good time shopping at CVS the past few weeks, shopping is fun again!! Here's how I did yesterday:

Transaction #1

2 Purex $5.98
1 Tylenol PM $6.49
1 Excedrine $3.99
1 Diego Garden Toy $.99


(2) $.50 Purex newspaper cpn
$2.00 Tylenol PM newspaper cpn
$2/10 CVS cpn
$11.98 in ECB

Total OOP=$.46, and I got back $7.99 in ECB. I had this one figured to zero OOP but swapped my $.50 candy filler for the Diego stuff. Darn Diego! Haha!

Transaction #2

1 Purex $2.00
1 Touch of Gray $7.99


$.50 Purex newspaper cpn
$2/10 CVS cpn
$7.99 in ECB from transaction #1

Total OOP $.53 and I got back $3.00 in ECB.

My overall OOP was only $.99. I "lost" $8.99 in ECB but will make $8.00 CASH from this $8 Touch of Gray mail in rebate. I always do my rebates right away, so it's ready to go out today.

P.S. The Fla-Vor-Ice is still FULL PRICE in my area stores. I keep dragging the box up front to check. I'll keep trying. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

$1 OOP At Walgreens- Sept 11

I've had quite a few disappointing trips to Walgreens lately. My coupons are not being accepted and/or adjusted if there is an overage and Register Rewards are not printing at all if any coupons were used (at my local Walgreens). But, after reading this post at Money Saving Mom, I was pumped to give Walgreens a shot today. I'm so glad I did!!!

2 Robitussin $7.98
2 Oust $5.98
1 Visine $3.99
1 Candy Bar for FUN!! $.40


$1.00 Oust Easy Saver cpn
B1G1 Oust newspaper cpn
$1.00 Oust newspaper cpn
$3.00 Visine cpn from August All You
$2.00 Visine Easy Saver cpn
$.39 paid on gift card (from Walgreens Rebates)

$1.00 OOP, plus $5.00 back in Register Rewards.

I would have gotten back $10 in RR if I would have bought 3 Robitussins, but I got the last 2. Bummer!!

I loved this trip to Walgreens. I went to one in the next town over, where I've previously had a great experience. The cashier was as excited about my deal as me and chatted with me about my coupons. How I find the printables, how I got the Register Rewards, etc. She has helped me before and is always so nice. YAY Walgreens!!!!!!!!

Huggies Surpreme Natural Care Sample & More

Here's a great new sample from Walmart.

Huggies Supreme Natural Care & Lotion Sample, Diaper size 1, 3 or 5 are available. Be sure to hurry, these goes quickly.

If you haven't done so lately, be sure to check out Walmart's Sample Page. You might have missed a sample. They are currently offering Gain, Kotex, Playtex and Benefiber samples.
Here's two more samples!!

Carefree Pantyliner Sample

Betty Crocker Potatoes Sample when you sign up for the Dinner Made Easy newsletter.

Have a good morning! It's rainy (again) here. :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Recyling Facts

I went to the WFAA's (Channel 8 here in Dallas) Project Green Summit last night. The keynote speaker was Ed Begley, Jr. Hubby I and loved seeing Ed!!!!! We watch Living With Ed all the time. Although, I'm more of an "Ed" and he's more of a "Rachelle".

Anyway, here's some fun facts that were on the outside of my "made from corn" waste bag for the car. Courtesy of Half Price Books.

1. Recycle your aluminum cans. If 250 people recycled 1 can a day we would save the energy equivalent of 1,750 - 3,500 gallons of gas. That's just 250 people!!

2. Recycle your plastic. Americans use 2.5 million plastic bottles every HOUR, most of them being thrown away. Bottled water is something of the past in our house, since water comes out of the faucet for "free".

3. Recycle your glass. The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle will light a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours. WOW!

4. Recycle your newspaper. If everyone is the U.S. would recycle 1/10 of their newspaper we would save approximatley 25 million trees a year.

So, Please Recycle!!!!!!! Here's even something fun......click HERE to enter the Living With Ed sweepstakes. It's for a trip to Hollywood to spend the day with Ed. Yay!!

P.S. Sorry for the mini vacation from blogging. I turned 33 on Monday and have been relaxing with my family. Hubby was off, etc. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Made It Into Kroger Yesterday

With all my talk about Kroger last week (see here and here), I finally made it yesterday. My total out of pocket (OOP) was only $34.56!!! I usually don't have the patience to break out long transactions, but here you are:

Kroger Brand Wheat Bread = $1.09

Bounty Basic, on sale $1.00 - $.25 cpn tripled = $.25

2 Cottenelle $1.19 each - $.50 cpn doubled = $.19 each

9 pk Charmin, on sale $3.99 - $.50 cpn doubled = $2.99

5 Party Mix Cat Treats, on sale $1.39 - 5 Free Item cpn = FREE

2 Marta White Muffin Mix $.99 each - $.55/2 cpn = $.71 each

1 Lb. Kroger Butter = $2.19 (this has gone up $.19 since a few weeks ago!!)

3 Chef Boyardee, on sale $1.00 each - $.35/3 cpn tripled = $.65 each

2 Spaghettios $1.00 - $.40/2 cpn doubled = $.60 each

5 Pringles, on sale $1.00 - $.20/2 cpn tripled & $.30/3 cpn tripled = $.70 each

Kroger Brand Flavored Creamer = $2.29

3-8 Oz. Packs Kroger Cheese, on sale 3/$5 = $1.67 each

Fiber One Yogurt $2.69 - $1.00 IP cpn from my coupon bar at the left = $1.69

3 Yoplait Whips 5/$3.00 - $.50 eCoupon - $.60/3 IP cpn from my coupon bar = $.23 each

1 Gallon Milk, on sale = $2.50

Apples = $1.78

Bananas = $1.00 (how exact is that!?)

4 Kraft Easy Mac Cups $1.00 each - $1.00/2 Easy Mac cpn = $.50 each

2 Pudding Snack Packs, on sale $1.00 each - $.75/2 cpn = $.47 each

After going over my receipt for this post, it looks like a $.35 coupon might have been scanned twice or my memory isn't as good as I think! Anyway, I did my best to stock up on things that were on sale if I had a coupon. Our panty really never gets empty!!

To figure your spending towards Kroger's Fuel Rewrds $.10 discount, they use the after Kroger sale, but before coupons total. So for this trip, I earned $53 towards the $100 I need for the $.10 discount. I drive a Flex Fuel vehicle, it runs on unleaded or E-85. Anyway, Kroger is the only place I can get the E-85, corn fuel as I call it. With the Kroger discount, corn fuel is running me $2.75 a gallon. Yay Kroger!

If you have a Kroger nearby, be sure to get some $2.50 a gallon milk this week!!

P.S. Thanks to The Thrifty Mommy for the Easy Mac coupon. :)

I Can't Stay Away From CVS!!

I already have my first CVS run under my belt. No, I didn't run out like a crazy person at 5am this morning, I'm in Dallas and my ad started Friday! :)

2 Excedrines $3.98
1 Loreal Skin Genesis Cleanser $5.99
2 Revlon Nail Colors $7.98


(1) "controversial" $2/$10 coupon
(2) $2.00/1 Revlon coupons from paper
(2) $2.00/1 Excedrine coupons from paper or get a printable HERE
$7.87 in ECB

$.08 OOP and I got back $11.98 back in ECB!!!!! That's an overall profit of $4.03. The Revlon ECB deal is over in Dallas but for everyone else it's a Sunday/Monday deal only.

This week nothing was flagged for the sale (again) or the ECB so I had tons of nail polish and cleanser to pick from. The Excedrine was marked, but it's just on sale. I've learned to shop with my ad!!

What are you getting this week?

A Few Things Not To Miss

I'll admit I clipped the coupons pretty quickly this morning. But, I did notice a few fun things!

Free Fruit Roll-Up Sample when you sign up for the Box Top for Education email newsletter. I hope everyone is saving the "Box Tops" and turning them in. Couldn't all of our schools use more money??

The Ultimate Coffee Experience sweepstakes from Equal. Grand prize is a trip to either London, Paris or Rome. You get to pick!

And don't forgot to clip the Centrum Cardio rebate from the paper. It's for a rebate of up to $10 and can be a money maker with the $3 coupon!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Coupons in the Mail (from Kroger)

A big booklet of coupons came from Kroger today!! Awesome!!

Tasha over at Comical Coupon Cents is even more excited than me and has posted a list of the the included coupons. Thanks Tasha!!

Most are mfg. coupons and a few are for Kroger label stuff. Looks like I'm on a Kroger kick today! I have my trip ready, I just need to go. :)

Right At Home

It's seems the first of the month comes so fast! But, that means time for the SC Johnson Right At Home offer.

I've recieved lots of fun coupons and even a product sample or two. :)

Shopping at Kroger Reminder

Are you loading your eCoupons onto your Kroger card before you shop?? eCoupons can be stacked (used in combination with) with clipped mfg. or IP coupons. This is a recipe for super cheap or free stuff!! Where are the eCoupons??

P&G eCoupons

Shortcuts eCoupons

Do you want to see an example of how the eCoupon process works?? Read this old post were I got a 50oz. bottle of Wisk for $.49.

Once you're done loading your eCoupons, check out my coupon bar on the left. There are some match ups!!!! For example: there is a $.50 eCoupon for Betty Crocker Cookie Dough, print my $.50 Betty Crocker Cookie Dough coupon (that Kroger will double). That's $1.50 off Betty Crcoker Cookie mix!!

I scored a 9 pack of Charmin for $2.49 last week, $.49 pack of yogurt, okay you get the idea!

If you run to Kroger this week......milk is 2/$5. WOW!!

P.S. This program if for the "Kroger Family" of stores. Click HERE to see who participates in this awesome program.

My last 2 Trips to CVS (for the week!)

Here's the last of my CVS trips for last week. My first trip I posted here. Here's what I got on trip 2 and 3. I made a third trip because the cashier forgot to ring up a Suave (so I didn't get my ECB). So I had to go again! :)

6 Cover Girl Outlasts
2 Suave Shampoos
2 Suave Conditioners
4 Suave Body Washes
1 Fabric Softener (needed)
1 Colgate
2 Goody's Headache stuff

Total OOP, $2.09 and $.40=$2.49. I ended the week with $7.87 in ECB. Yay!!

Here's a fun way to think about these transactions. I needed the fabric softener (it is a "need" when you hang dry clothes) and it's $2.99 at CVS, so I'll pretend I got the fabric softner "on sale" with everything else as a free bonus!!! Where else can you get $60 worth of lip gloss for free?????

Let me know if you need any of the boring "how to" details broken out!!

FYI-The Cover Girl was free since CVS was running a B1G1 sale and I used a B1G1 Cover Girl coupon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hot New Coupons from Coupons.Com

Have you checked out my coupon bar on the left since Monday?? There are some awesome new coupons to print. Here are some of my favorites. :)

$.50/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix-can be doubled (if your store doubles), watch for it to go on sale for $1.00.

$1.00/1 Pillsbury Sweet Rolls/Crescent Rolls/Grands Biscuits-several good ones on there.

$.45/1 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix-can be doubled, watch for a sale. I think it goes down to $1.00 or $1.50 sometimes...?

$1.00/1 Green Giant Vegggies-just a good coupon if you watch for a sale!!

Lots of Yoplait coupons!!!!

There are also a $1.00 Kotex coupon on there and I've read you can find smaller (not travel size) packs at Walmart for $1.00.

$1.00/1 Fast Fixin's was on there but the offer has expired. If you did get one printed, watch for those to go on sale for $1.00 (10 oz. package).

Coupons can be printed twice! Some of these coupons will be pulled in about than a week. Better print now. See any hot deals with a printable coupon? E-Mail me!!!!

Mail Box Goodies & New Samples-Sept 3

Check out the goodies I got yesterday! What a treat after a holiday weekend.

Head & Shoulders shampoo and conditioner, still available from here.

Meow Mix Wholesome Goodness cat food sample with a FREE item coupon, from the Walmart Sample page.

American Baby magazine with some stickers. I currently have at least 8 free magazine subscriptions!! No clue where I got this one, sorry!

My Texas litter bag. The cute one I requested was all out. So, I was sent a regular one. If you're in Texas, request one here. They will have new "designer" litter bags out for 2009.

Food & Family magazine from Kraft. I love these! First, they almost always come with coupons. Second, they have tons of fun recipes. I'm not a huge fan of cooking, so Kraft is just my speed. I grew up cooking everything from scratch....UGH! Sign up for Food & Family from Kraft here.

Now then, how about some new samples to request?

Fiber One cereal and cereal bar sample with $3 in coupons!! Have you done this one yet?

Tide Total Care sample and an entry into a sweeps. Grand Prize is a style consultation, $3000 wardrobe and a year of free Tide.....pick me, pick me!

Full SplendorTM Shampoo and Conditioner and special savings on any Luxurious Volume styling product (John Frieda) from the Walmart sample page.

Redkin Fresh Curls sample.

Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom and Homemaker Barbi for some of the new sample leads.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Two Freebies!

The Nature Made 14 day supply sample has been reset for those you who might have missed it in the past. Yippee!!

Nature Made

And here's an Enfamil freebie for those with a baby (or 2). You can also register if you're expecting! Your free sample might include coupons.....

I never bought formula when my kids were little. The free formula samples and the coupons got me by, since I pretty much exclusively breastfeed both kids (and I was working outside of the home at the time!!). Pretty frugal of me, huh? I just can't believe how much formula costs!!

Just Have to Brag!

Check out the new Polo Ralph Lauren dress shirt I got for $3.50, well really $1!! Keep reading. It's new without tags, and I found it at Goodwill!! I of course grabbed it to inspect with eBay in mind. Then I saw the size. It's a perfect fit on my hubby and his favorite color (blue)!

I ended up with 19 things for auction and this shirt all for $20. With my "Wylie Mom Math", that makes the shirt $1! 20 items for $20, $1 each.

This past Saturday, Goodwill had a 50% clothing sale. It was crazy busy! Carts were at a premium and I had to use a laundry basket, not fun with glassware! Thankfully, the kids were swimming at their Grandparents, so I could shop. I couldn't have shopped with them not having a cart. The shoe bin area was a ZOO, that I passed on (laundry basket and all), but the lady in front of me got a new with tags pair of those cute wedge Crocs, as in real Crocs, for $2.50. I almost went back to dig after paying, but thought I should get the kids.

Funny thing I learned, a sale at Goodwill really brings out the retired folks who drive $60-70K luxury cars!! But, now you should think twice about where they bought those nice clothes when you see them hoping out of that car at CVS. :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Chick-n-Strips Giveaway at Chick-Fil-A-TODAY!!

Don't forget!!!!

See THIS POST for details. :)

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