Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun Free Stuff In Today's Mail

I had an array of fun things come in the mail today. I'll start with the two samples.

The Huggies diaper sample I requested here came. I ordered the newborn size and they are perfect for my daughter's dolls! Also included was a plastic Huggies "zipper" bag and a $3.00 coupon.

The Juicy Juice sports bottle also came, I requested it here and gave it to my son for soccer class. He was so excited!! So, it looks like each kiddo got a present today...and they were FREE!

Today's redplum with all the "junk" flyers had a few good coupons you may want to look for.

-$3.00 off Venus Spa Breeze
-B1G1 Free Satin Care Shave Gel
-$3.00 off Gillette Fusion
-B1G1 Free Gillette Series Shave Gel
-$1.50 off Excedrin 100 ct. Back & Body

Dillard's sent me 4 coupons for FREE shipping, 4 coupons for FREE gift wrapping and a very small almost to be missed card for a free magazine subscription. I can pick from Glamour, Vogue, GQ, Teen Vogue or Lucky. Remember last week I made $.50 a magazine selling them at Half Price Books. So it's like Dillard's sent me $6 in the mail, or at least that's the way I see it. :)

Lastly, I received two $5/$50 coupons from The Home Depot Garden Club.

Did you get anything fun? Let me know!

New Cellfire eCoupons Available Today

Here's a list of the Cellfire eCoupons that came out today. They will be available until July 13th.

Save $.50 when you buy TWO BOXES any flavor Betty Crocker® Fruit by the Foot®, Fruit Gushers®, Fruit Roll-Ups® OR Fruit Roll-Ups® Fruit Stickerz ® Fruit Snack.

Save $.40 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor/variety Nature Valley® Granola Bars.

Save $.75 when you buy any flavor/variety Total ® cereal.

Save $.50 when you buy ONE TUB any flavor/variety Betty Crocker® Frosting.

Save $.40 when you buy any flavor 17.5 OZ. OR LARGER Betty Crocker® Cookie Mix.

Save $.75 when you buy TWO any flavor Betty Crocker® Box Supreme Brownie Mixes.

Save $.55 when you buy MultiGrain Cheerios® cereal.

Save $.55 when you buy any flavor 32 OZ. Yoplait® Yogurt.

Save $.50 when you buy Nature Valley® Cranberry and Pomegranate Bars OR Nature Valley® Dark Chocolate & Nut Bars.

Save $.80 when you buy TWO any flavor Yoplait® products listed: Yoplait® Go-GURT® Yogurt Yoplait® Trix® Multipack Yogurt .

Save $.50 when you buy SIX any variety Yoplait® Yogurt cups OR any flavor Yoplait® Original OR Light Smoothie.

Save $.50 when you buy ONE any flavor Betty Crocker® Warm Delights® Bowls OR Betty Crocker® Warm Delights® Minis Bowls.

Save $1.00 when you buy any flavor Yoplait® Fiber One® Yogurt Multipacks.

Save $.50 when you buy any flavor/variety Fiber One (tm) Box Muffin Mix.

Save $.60 when you buy ONE BOX any flavor Chex Mix® Bars.

P.S. Safeway stores were just added to the list, that's in addition to Kroger stores and Tom Thumb!! To load eCoupons or just check out Cellfire, click HERE.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Wylie Mom's Weekly Recap - Week 26

Wow, it's hard to believe that 2009 is already half over! As far as last week's tracking it was a slow financial week, but a very action packed week personally (son's birthday and family visiting!). Here are the numbers:

Savings - $55.52

- saved $12.68 at Walmart (didn't blog...it was boring)
- saved $2.89 at Sonic (free Wacky Pack printable coupon from Sonic Birthday Club)
- saved $24.95 at Albertsons
- saved $10 at Party City ($10/30 Party City coupon)
- saved $5.00 with Papa Murphy coupon (I got 2 family sized "take and bake" pizzas & some cheese bread for my son's birthday party...it feed 14 people for $21)

eBay Sales - $122.45

Misc. Income - $16.99

-$2.00 cash at Half Price Books (I took in 8 magaiznes, that I got for free)
-$5.00 from Synovate Research (surveys and product trials...e-mail me for a referal)
-$9.99 rebate from Centrum

Weekly Impact - $194.96
Yearly Impact - $9,284.26

I'm happy (and thankful) about the eBay sales. A total of $122.45 in sales and only $9.99 was made at auction (one item!!) and $112.46 was from my store (9 items!!).

My favorite item that sold was this cool Pottery Barn plate. I found 4 of them at a garage sale a few weeks back and paid $1 a piece. I listed 2 of them auction style first, starting at $9.99 and they went unsold after 7 days. So I moved all 4 of them to my store and priced them at $13.97. They all four sold, 12 days later ($55.88)!! I paid $7.44 to eBay ($.70 original auction listing fees, $.03 store listing fee and $6.71 final value fee) and $2.27 to PayPal. So, $55.88 minus $4 for the plates minus $9.71 in fees equals $41.91 profit. I cleared $10.47 per plate, and my goal is $10 per item. I paid 7% in cost of goods sold and 18% in expenses and made 75% in profit. Very nice!

Have a great week!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't Forget Your Free Mars Chocolate Today (Friday)

Mars is giving away free chocolate (via coupon) on Friday's throughout the summer.

Here's the official scoop:

"What is Real Chocolate Relief? Times are tough and we at Mars want to help. How, you ask? Every Friday through September, Mars will give away FREE* real chocolate to 250,000 people. That means you can enjoy your favorite Mars candy brands—M&M'S®, SNICKERS®, TWIX®, 3 MUSKETEERS®, MILKY WAY® and DOVE®— for free*!"

I'll admit, I've forgotten this one almost every Friday morning. But, I did remember 2 weeks ago and my coupon arrived yesterday!

Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act

Offer valid from 9:00 am (eastern time) to 11:59:59 pm, on Friday's ONLY of each week beginning 5/8/09 and ending 9/25/09. You can only win one coupon per week and you can only win 4 times during the offer period. Looks like I've got 2 down and 2 to go. :)

Free Glidden Paint Sample

This free sample is way too easy!! Just check out all the fun colors of Glidden paint and pick out your favorite one. They will send you a 1 qt sample in an eggshell finish. Yay!

The Glidden National Paint Giveaway

This came at the perfect time for me! My son is turning 3 and it's time to paint over the Classic Pooh mural in his room. It was the same room my daughter used when she was little so it's had lots of love, but it's very sad to think about painting over it! Anyway, I have been thinking of painting my son's room blue. So, I picked out Rich Navy as my free sample. And, I cheated a bit and my mom is having a sample of Steel Blue sent to her house.

What painting projects are you thinking about? What color sample did you request?

Thanks Dad for the link!! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Once Upon A Child Sale This Saturday!

As far as I know this is good for the Garland, Flower Mound and Plano locations only!! Once Upon A Child is a kids and maternity resell shop. Since they are franchised out, sales and stuff will differ a bit from store to store.

Saturday - June 27th, 2009

"Join us for this GIANT clearance event! Save more by the hour on ALL Redline Items!"

10:00am - 1:00pm - Save 50%
1:00pm - 4:00pm - Save 60%
4:00pm - 6:00pm - Save 70%

Overall, I like shopping here. I would say their prices are a bit high, but that's where the sale comes in. Not to mention the frequent shopper discount card (it takes me a few years to fill!). Anyway, they price on a scale. So, Target shorts would be about $3 or $4 but Ralph Lauren ones $8 or $9. Which is why, overall, I favor thrift stores for name brand finds ($1-2).

On the flip side I would also recommend selling here. They take toys, equipment and clothes regardless of the season. For instance, some places will only take fall stuff in the fall. I will point out this is not a 50/50 consignment deal. They are buying the items outright, and you will get about 30% of the selling price point. I sometimes take things here that didn't sell at consignment (The Mulberry Bush) and are not "eBay worthy".

Sometimes after the Moonlight Madness sale they run a $.99 sale if there is a lot of merchandise left....keep an eye out for that. And, I have bought used name brand clothes here for my kids, they have worn them, and then I resold them on eBay for a profit! Be sure to only purchase items in excellent condition. Sometimes, I get lucky and will find something new with tags!

All good reasons to find a Once Upon A Child near you and check it out!

I'm Such A Lazy Shopper!

Other than a trip to Sprouts, it had been 2 weeks since I grocery shopped. I mainly just needed dairy and some chips/snacks. We have a stocked pantry and freezer otherwise!! I headed to Alberstons yesterday morning, before the ad arrived at the house, so I had to just wing it this trip.

I spent $29.39 and saved $23.45.

This week at Albertsons Kraft Cheese is 5/$10 ($2 each). Now this wasn't tagged of course, but here's there catalina deal:

Buy 3 (6 oz or larger) Kraft Cheeses and get $2.00 off your next order (oyno, or a catalina)
Buy 4 get a $3.00 catalina
Buy 5 or more get a $4.00 catalina

I was bummed this wasn't tagged in the store since I bought 2 Kraft Cheeses. I would have got at least one more, darn it! This deal runs 6/19 until 7/12.

I also saw catalina tags on Jello Pudding 6 packs, buy 2 get a $1.00.

Another deal, I used my 2 Kool-Aid/Sugar coupons from a few weeks back. Kool-Aid is priced at Albertsons 8/$1.00 ($.12 each). So I purchased 20 packets and 2 C&H sugars at $2.19 each. That's $6.78 for Kool-Aid and sugar. But I used the 2 $2.00 off sugar coupons plus 2 $.35 off C&H sugar coupons that were tripled...calculator sounds......okay, that $.68 total for 20 packets of Kool-Aid and two 4 pound bags of C&H. But wait, there's more!! I'll list the Kool-Aid on eBay (to sell internationally most likely) and make about $10 back. So, free sugar plus a small profit! :)

For example, here's an eBay listing that has ended, 50 Kool-Aid packets sold for $24.95! Which is amout right, $.50 a packet on eBay.

Be sure to visit the Albertsons website, there's a Coke/Disney matching game you can play for a chance to win a Disney Resort vacation. Good luck!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sun Detergent Coupon Winners!

I drew the winners for my Sun Detergent Giveaway earlier this evening!! They were:


I've contacted everyone but, #10 (SallyAnn). Please leave me a comment with your e-mail!!!

Thanks for entering everyone!! I hope to do another giveaway soon. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Forget The Summer Heat...Request Free Samples!

I thought I'd share some samples this afternoon. Samples are a great way to try new products and save money. I usually sit down only about once a week to request them. I know I miss out, by not looking around daily, but I'd rather play with the kids! :)

Free SCOTT® Extra Soft Toilet Tissue Double Roll and a 10ct travel pack of SCOTT® Moist Wipes sample from Walmart.

Walmart's sample page - Walmart is very generous with the samples, be sure you haven't missed one.

Free Steaz Energy Shot Sample

Free Emergen-C Samples

Corzo Tequila anyone...? If so, then request your free engraved metal label for your bottle.

Free Vaseline Aloe Fresh Sample from Costco - you'll need your Costco number (or um, any 12 digit number).

Huggies Codes:


25 Free Songs at emusic

Free Diabetic Meal Planner from Quality Health.

Be sure to check my sample post from last week. Some offers are still available. Also, thanks to Free Grabber and Freebies 4 Mom for some of my leads!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wylie Mom's Weekly Recap - Week 25

Here's how last week looked for me.

Savings - $215.97

- $41.27 on a cool Spidey costume at at Amazon.Com (son's birthday is almost here)
- $106.00 at Kohl's (Father's Day shopping)
- $1.79 at Sonic (coupon on receipt for free Rt.44)
- $21.40 at CVS and $8.91 at Walgreens
- $7.63 at the Home Depot (10% off coupon mailed from Home Depot Garden Club)
- $3.24 on Sun Burst Detergent (my giveaway ends Wednesday!!)
- $2.00 Papa Murphy's coupon
- $20.00 cut hubby's hair

eBay Sales - $85.46

Misc. Income - $22.50 (confidential panel)

Weekly Impact - $320.20
Yearly Impact - $9,089.30

Nothing really exciting to report this week. Honestly, I've been put playing with the kids so much, and have been a terrible blogger! But, we're having "fun in the sun" this summer! We've been playing out under our shady arbor/pergola and have been playing in the baby pool and sprinkler. Fun on the cheap! :)

Have a great week!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Headed To Sprouts For Fruit And Left With...

I felt a little bad this morning when I opted to go to Sprouts instead it the Wylie Farmer's Market. I would love to support the local farmers...but Sprouts has a huge selection (yay, bulk food!) and fair prices! Pictured is what I got today for $12.21.

Some frugal highlights:

Banana Chips $1.69/pound

Yogurt Covered Pretzels $2.49/pound

Braeburn Apples $.99/pound

Strawberries $2.00

The small bag has dried plums for the kids....they are so funny! They stood in the store jumping up and down begging for dried plums!! My opinion is yuck, but they don't know that.

It's hard to figure savings at Sprouts but I left the store with a smile...surely that's something!

Search & Win

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wylie Mom's Sun Burst Detergent Giveaway!

Want to try a bottle (or box) of Sun Burst Detergent for FREE? I'm giving away 4 coupons for a free 45.4 oz. bottle (or 49 oz. box).

It's easy to enter. Just leave a comment (with your contact info in case you win!!) on this post. To get an extra entry you can also:

Subscribe to my blog
"Follow" my blog
Post this giveaway on your blog

Please leave an additional comment for each "extra credit" entry. Giveaway open until 8 am (central time) on Wednesday morning, June 24th. Thanks and good luck!!

A big thanks to MomSelect for my free bottle and the coupons for the giveaway!

Mom Select - Bringing Companies and Moms Together

*****Update!!!!***** June 24th, 2009. I finally sat down (after a fun & busy day) and selected the winners!! I used www.random.org. The winners are......drum roll please.......4...6...1...10. Congrats!! Thanks for entering everyone!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Samples And Free Stuff, Yay!

It has gotten SO hot in North Texas. For instance, it's 95 degrees right now. Ugh! After my son wakes up, we are heading out back to play in the sprinkler and baby pool. It keeps the kids busy and cool, and the grass will stay happy as well. In the meantime, here are some fun samples to request and 2 coupons to print!

Free pack of Sundiwear stickers -Cute stickers to let you know when to reapply sunscreen.

Great Value Strawberry Cereal Bar FREE sample - only has 90 calories, from Walmart.

Sample of AVEENO® NOURISH+ Hair Care Collection - also from Walmart's sample page.

Coromega Omega3 FREE sample - they say it's "the first delicious Omega3". Hmmm, I guess we'll see, won't we?

FREE White Castle Slider - printable coupon -expires July 12th.

FREE 12oz. Seattle's Best Coffee at Border's - printable coupon - Hurry, expires June 18th!

Be sure to check out my freebie post from last week, some offers are still available! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Trip To Both Walgreens And CVS

My daughter started a summer camp at the dance studio today, so I ran some errands while she was in class. I had forgotten how easy errands are with only one kiddo in tow. Somehow, when you are talking about kids, 1 + 1 = 3. Or, so it seems when you're in a drug store trying to score some deals with a pile of coupons. :)

First stop, CVS:

2 Raisin Brans $3.76
2 Planter's Peanuts (B1G1 FREE) $3.99
Johnson's Lotion $3
Crest Pro-Health $2.99


(2) Raisin Bran newspaper coupons
$1.00 Planters printable coupon (from my coupon bar last month, wish I had more!!)
$1.00 Johnson's newspaper coupon
$6.00 in ECB

Total OOP $3.74 and I got back $2.00 in Extra Care Bucks for the Crest. I saved $21.40. No luck on the razor deal, but I'll check again later in the week.

Next stop, Walgreens:

Sun Dish Detergent $1.99
2 Right Guard Deodorants $5.98
St. Ives Body Wash $2.99


(2) $1.00 off Right Guard newspaper coupons
$.99 Wags/Right Guard coupon (saved $4.00)
$1.00 off St. Ives newspaper coupon

I spent the last $2.73 of my Walgreens gift card (sniff, sniff) and paid $.85 cash OOP. I got back $3.00 in Register Rewards for the St. Ives, so I made a "profit" of $2.15, and saved $8.91. Yippee!!

Wylie Mom's Weekly Recap - Week 24

I saved lots of money last week!

Saved - $329.73

- $3.75 at Shutterfly (25 free prints when you sign up)
- $10.00 at Party City ($10 coupon here)
- $10 at Toys R Us (sign up for coupons here)
- $225.22 at Kohl's (sales & a 30% off coupon!!)
- $75.26 at Kroger, CVS and Albertsons

eBay Sales - $116.25

Misc. Income - $0.00

Weekly Impact - $445.98
Yearly Impact - $8,769.10

Pretty nice week! eBay was slow, but I'm not surprised. I've haven't been listing much lately since I'm working on moving my pictures from Auctivia to eBay. That's a long boring story, and a long boring process. Anyway, last week I sold 10 items ($116.25) and 9 of those were from my store. Just a reminder, my eBay store is full of things that DID NOT sell at auction. I marked up the price and let them sit in tubs in the garage a little longer.......then, cha-ching! eBay + Patience = Money!!

Have a great week!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Power Shopping Friday!

I hit 3 stores in an hour and a half this morning with the kids!

First stop, CVS:

Swiffer Dusters $7.00
Febreeze $3.00
2 Dawns $4.00
2 Listerines $7.98


$2.00 off Swiffer coupons from inside of a Swiffer box
$1.00 Febreeze coupons from mailed P&G book
(2) $.50 off Dawn coupons from mailed P&G book
(2) 2.00 off Listerine Total Care printable coupon
$9.00 in Extra Care Bucks

Total OOP = $2.98 and I got back $6.00 in Extra Care Bucks. I would have done better, but I gave hubby some ECB yesterday and it's unblogged. Yikes! :)

Next stop, Kroger:

I did the Dinner Deal this week. I paid $8.99 for a Kroger Take and Bake Pizza and got Pudding Cups, Salad Mix, Soda and a French Baguette for FREE.

I also picked up 2 of the Velvetta Easy Mac cups. I stacked a $.55/1 coupon with a B1G1 FREE printable from Kraft First Taste = $.32 each

Strawberries are $.99 a pound and bananas are $.33 a pound!

I spent $29.88 (darn chicken breasts and pizza!) and saved $24.36. I didn't use any this trip, but remember to load your eCoupons before you shop at Kroger.

P&G eSaver
Shortcuts eCoupons
Cellfire eCoupons

I loaded the cold stuff into a cooler and headed to our last stop, Albertsons:

Swiss Sweet Tea $.99 with Albertsons coupon - $1.00 newspaper coupon = FREE

Pop Tarts $.99 with Albertsons coupon - $.55 newspaper coupon from last Sunday = $.44 each

Milk = FREE with coupon from last week's Kellogg's deal

OJ $.99 with Alberstons coupon

Total OOP = $14.51 and I saved $27.44.

So overall, this morning, I spent $47.37 and saved $75.26. I'd say that was a good use of my time. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Still Wondering What To Get Dad For Father's Day? Here's An Idea!

Just in time for Father's Day, CVS is offering a FREE 8x10!! This offer doesn't expire until June 21st, so you still have plenty of time before Father's Day. Just use promo code FREE8X10 at checkout.

Plus, if you have never used CVS for digital photo prints, you can also get 50 FREE 4x6 prints just for signing up.

So that's 50 FREE prints and a FREE 8x10....WOW!! Sounds like plenty of (free) prints to frame and share with all the special men in your life!

P.S. If you're already a CVS customer, CVS is also offering 60 4x6 prints for the price of 40, use promo code 60FOR40. This offer is good through July 25th.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wylie Mom's Weekly Recap - Week 23

Last week shaped up pretty good thanks to a nice eBay week. Since my stock piles are so full, I'm not as shopping much these days, so no drug store trips last week.

Savings - $148.28

- $43.54 at Target and $55.27 at Albertson's
- $20.00 cut hubby's hair at home
- $29.47 (my last 2 Bzz kits, Neutrogena and Off)

eBay Sales - $318.51

Misc. Income - $9.00 from Survey Spot (read my survey post here)

Weekly Impact - $475.79
Yearly Impact - $8,323.12

Now that I'm looking at the numbers.....it was a great week! Woot woot! If I "gross up" my weekly figure to account for gas, taxes, etc. (to pretend I worked outside of the home for this $$) I would have had to made $634.38 or $15.85 an hour at 40 hours a week. Not bad for staying home with my kiddos, is it?

My favorite item from last week is still pending, but in it's place I have my SUPER FAVORITE eBay item of all time to share! McDonald's Happy Meal toys. Yup, you read that right, Happy Meal toys! I list them straight to the store for $4.97, new in package. That means they are unopened/still in the sealed plastic. I've been selling a few every month for a while now, but this weekend, I sold 19 toys to one person!! That was almost $95!! I only have a few left, and sold another last night. Here's what I figure, after paying for the Happy Meal (prices vary per market and Happy Meal type), eBay fees and PayPal fees I break even (a few cents to no profit). But, I did feed my kids (and usually myself) and let them play with some kiddos. So, basically I use McDonald's for a "FREE" lunch and entertainment in rainy weather.

Yes.....I'm crazy! Have a great week! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dallas Morning News Coupon Alert!

On page 13B (Metro section) of today's Dallas Morning News you'll find a 7-11 coupon for a FREE Medium Iced Coffee. Yay!!

Find anything else in the DMN? Leave me a comment or send an e-mail. Thanks!!

Freebies And Such Found Around The Blogsphere

There's not a whole lot of new samples/freebies this week. But, let's start with a link to last week's freebie list since most of these are still available. And now, here's what's new:

FREE 14oz Juicy Juice Water Bottle or you can select the sippy cup.

FREE Carefree®
Ultra Protection panty liners sample

FREE "No Bad Science" T-Shirt

FREE sample of Red Man Silver Blend Chew-My grandfather used to chew Red Man so I couldn't resist posting this one! Click on "chew" and then "try it for free" and you'll get a coupon in the mail.

FREE Enfamil LIPIL® Formulas-you'll get a certificate for a free can of formula!

FREE Enfamil Breastfeeding Support Kit

3 FREE Huggies® Pure & Natural Diapers, includes a valuable coupon on your next purchase!

Do you collect diaper points?

1 Pamper's Point - HAPPYFATHERSDAY

5 Huggies Points - CPXHJ FLTLH MWPGB
5 Huggies Points - MQKJF FLZCH HSPGB

Have a great Sunday!! :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Have LOTS Of Cereal After A Trip To Albertsons!

I made a trip to Albertsons yesterday to take advantage of the cereal and milk deal. It also got back on my Thursday/Friday grocery routine. Anyway, If you purchase 4 boxes of select Kellogg's cereal you get 3 FREE. Plus, after your purchase you get 3 coupons for FREE milk. There is also a store coupon for $.99 Pop Tarts if you do the cereal deal.


Tyson bacon ($5.99) B1G2 Free = $2.00 each

Blue Bell qts $1.00

Dr Pepper 2 liter $1.00 each - $1.00/2 mailed mfg. coupon (from Kroger) = $.50 each

Community Coffee $4.99 - $1.00 Albertsons coupon from circular - $1.00 coupon on bag = $2.99

Butter $1.50

I saved a total of $55.27 on this trip and left with 3 coupons for FREE milk. Yay!

P.S. They stagger the expiration dates for the milk coupons clear into mid July.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'll Need To Wake Up Early In Wylie This Weekend!

I have a few reasons to get up and out the door early this weekend.

Tomorrow morning, June 5th, is the kick-off party for the Texas Summer Reading Club. This year's theme is Libraries: Deep in the Heart of Texas! The kick off party will be from 9am to 12pm.

"There will be a balloon artist, a bounce house, a Texas Size Petting Zoo and the City of Wylie's police and fire department. These events are FREE and fun for the whole family. If you plan on participating in all of the activities, be sure to arrive early."

The early part is the truth! They usually stop the line for the face painter at 11 or so, so get there closer to 9am than to 12pm.

You can pick up your reading logs anytime. Yesterday was the first day they were available so I went to get ours. I'm such a nerd! Click here for more info on the summer reading programs and the kick off tomorrow.

Saturday, the 6th, is the Wylie Farmer's Market from 8am to 1pm. I got some yummy starwberries last time. It's on Ballard St. across from the park.

Also on Saturday, the Home Depot is having their Kids Workshop from 9am to 12pm. This month you'll build a hardware sorter. Sounds pretty handy. The kids workshop is FREE. :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aleady A Verizon FIOS Customer? Enjoy Some Free Movies!

Just in case you might already be a Verizon FIOS customer, Verizon is offering free movies the next two weekends. It's "Preview Week" and here's the deal.

June 5th, 6th and 7th the Starz and Encore channels will be free and
June 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th HBO and Cinemax will be free.

Check out Verizon.Com for more info.


Don't Forget FREE Sonic Floats Are Tonight!!

Sonic is offering FREE Root Beer Floats tonight!! Here's the scoop!

Drive in between 8 p.m. and midnight on Wednesday, June 3, and receive a FREE 10 oz. Root Beer Float, while supplies last!!
To check for a Sonic location near you, click here.
Enjoy! :)

New Cellfire Coupons Have Been Issued!!

New Cellfire eCoupons were issued yesterday!! These are paperless coupons that you load to your grocery store loyalty card, see the stores below.

Here's what new:

Lucky Charms® cereal Save $.55
Chex Mix® Bars Save $.60
Chex Mix® Save $.50
Romanos Mac Grill Save $1
Fiber One® Bars Save $.40
Knorr® Sides Save $.75 on 2
Fruit Snacks Save $.50 on 2
Fiber One® cereal Save $.55
Vaseline® Lotions Save $1
Yo-plus® Save $1
Betty Crocker® Warm Delight Save $.50
Yoplait® Save $.50
Betty Crocker ® Supreme Brownie Save $.75 on 2
Betty Crocker Frosting Save $.50
Hamburger Helper® Save $.75 on 3

Interested in loading some Cellfire eCoupons??? CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Throwing A Bit Of Cash Target's Way

I finally headed to Target! I really like Target, don't get me wrong. But until the Wylie Super Target is open (2 more months...yay!), I have to drive 10 miles to Target. Ugh! But, I had collected some coupons that really needed to be used. Some were expiring, or would before I'd remember to go again.

Clearance Deals I Found:

Arm & Hammer Essentials 2 pk $3.79 - 50% off = $1.88 - $1.00 newspaper coupon = $.88 each

Reynold's Wrap Recycled Aluminum Foil $2.99 - 50% off = $1.48 - $.50 mailed Target coupon - $.55 newspaper coupon = $.43

Ziploc Evolve Storage Bags $3.79 - 50% off = $1.34 - $1.00/2 Ziploc coupon = $.84 for these, and $1.22 for the sandwich bags I had to get (in order to use the coupon).

Other Good Deals I Planned On:

Hefty Bags $5.99 - $1.00 Target/Hefty printable coupon (thanks to A Full Cup) - $1.00 newspaper coupon = $3.99

Strawberries $2.49 - $1.00 Target mailed coupon = $1.49

Market Pantry Buns $1.09 - $.50 mailed Target coupon = $.59

Skintimate $2.24 - $.75 newspaper coupon - $1.00 Target/Skintimate printable coupon = .49 each

Kashi Waffles (on sale) $1.79 - $1.50 mailed coupon from VocalPoint = $.29 each (5 boxes at that price! Yay!)

I had a coupon for everything except the milk, bananas, kitty litter, kitty food (crazy huh!) and the contact solution. So, I got Target brand for all of these items. I also used my $5/50 Target "grocery" coupon. After using the last of my Target gift card from MyPoints ($6.08 was left), I paid $32.41 cash out of pocket and saved $43.54. Icing on the cake was that I had a super nice cashier!! :)

P.S. I had intended to get the razor deal ($10 gc back), but they were all out! Oh well, I was planning on selling it on eBay anyway. :)

P.P.S. Check out more Target deals and steals at Attention Target Shoppers!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wylie Mom's Weekly Recap- Week 22

Here's how I did last week as far as savings or extra income made. It's been fun keeping track, I hope you enjoy reading it. :)

Savings - $96.59

- $21.83 at Walgreens
- $33.86 at CVS
- $17.47 at Albertsons
- $2.65 at Arby's, I used the free regular Roast Beef Sandwich coupon that's on the bottom of the reciept
- $20.78 at Firestone, I stacked the $10/$25 coupon from the bottom of the receipt from the last trip with a $10.78 customer loyalty "credit". I got an oil change for $17!! :)

eBay Sales - $231.72

Misc. Income - $0.00

Weekly Impact - $328.31
Yearly Impact - $7,847.33

Three cheers for eBay this week! I'll save my favorite item until next week. I'd like the customer to have it before I start to brag on it. It was a very unique (& cheap) thrift store find...!

How can you make or save some extra money this week? Be sure to have fun!

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