Thursday, September 29, 2011

ZhuZhu Pet Fashion Closet Review And ZhuZhu Pet Giveaway!!

My friends at Zhu-niverse and MomSelect recently gave my daughter and I a chance to review the ZhuZhu Pet Closet and a colorful new ZhuZhu pet, and an outfit.  The outfits are so cute!!

Starting off the ZhuZhu Fashion Closet was very easy to assemble.  I'm sure my daughter could have done it (she's 7) but I did it for her, just in case.  It has a rotating conveyor belt that rotates when your pet "rolls" up the little ramp.  My son wasn't into the fashion part, but he did like having his ZhuZhu pets make the closet belt move around.  There is also a little drawer, and a hook off the side for the hats.  Yes, the outfits come with hats!  The only problem we saw, was the hats don't stay on their hat hooks very well.

Here's a picture of my daughter selecting an outfit for her next ZhuZhu customer.  The outfits snap on easily to the ZhuZhu Pet, and are easy to take off and change.  Same goes for the matching hats.  My daughter enjoyed mixing and matching the outfits for new looks.

Overall, we loved the ZhuZhu Fashion Closet.  If you have more pieces of the ZhuZhu Playsets, this would be a great addition!

Now, to the fun part!  I'm giving away a ZhuZhu Pet and a ZhuZhu Pet Outfit to one lucky reader (might be different than the one pictured above)!  Here's how to enter:

1. Just leave me a comment!

2. Subscribe or Follow (Blogger, Networked Blogs, etc) my blog (or you already do).

3. Stalk me (I mean stay connected) on Facebook and/or Twitter (again, or you already to stalk me, haha).

** For extra entries (once per day on these):

4. Post this giveaway on your blog (leave a comment with the link)

5. Tweet this giveaway (leave a comment with the link)

Giveaway ends at 11:59pm on Wednesday, October 5th.  Thanks for entering and good luck!!

P.S.  Be sure to follow @Zhuniverse on Twitter and like them on Facebook at

Disclaimer - Although all the options expressed in this post are 100% my own, I was working with Zhu-niverse and MomSelect on this campaign. I received the Fashion Closet, a ZhuZhu Pet and an Outfit for review, in exchange for my time, promotion and opinions of the items.

***Update!!!  I just choose a winner at and it was comment #4, I'll contact to winner asap!

Monday, September 26, 2011

It's Official, Fall Craft Season Is Here!

Well, fall is officially here and my family is very excited.  First of all, the days of 100 degree temps are behind us.  But most of all, we have all the parties and festivals to attend!!  This year, like every year, I put my name way down on the room mom sign up sheet, I would only like to "assist", but I was chosen to be room mom for my daughter's class.  Thank goodness I'm only a helper in my son's class.  I have no idea why I signed up on both sheets!!  Anyway, I'm in charge of keeping the party moving with an activity, craft and snack.  Truth be told, I'm terrible at craft ideas.  I love making crafts, I just don't come up ideas on my own.  :)

So, wasn't I relieved when I received the following e-mail this morning:

Free Halloween Decorations eBook: 11 Easy Halloween Craft Ideas including centerpieces, wreaths, outdoor decorations, party props, kids' crafts and more. Learn how to make your own Halloween decor with these quick and easy tutorials from creative bloggers and craft manufacturers. Find a Spooky Halloween Bunting (pg. 7), Candy Corn Decor (pg. 11), a Spiderweb Lantern (pg. 19) and much more in this free eBook.

Woot woot!!  After looking through a few, I decided on the Baby Jar Pumpkins for the class party.  They look perfect for my age group, and will only require a little prep from me.  Here's what they look like:

Cute, huh?  For a complete list of ideas, click the link above or banner below.  They are great ideas for school crafts, homeschooling, or family night!


Have a fun and happy fall!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The New Disney/Epcot Treasure I Found, Signed By The Artist!

I recently found this little treasue while shopping for eBay inventory.  It's so cute and would go perfect in my kitchen.  The only thing is, it has an original signature by the artist, Rachel Tribble.  It's from the 2008 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival.  Ms. Tribble's sunflower image was the art used for the event's posters in 2008.

I have just listed it on eBay, so wish me luck!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Costume Express Has Coupon Codes and Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!!

This season will be the biggest in Costume Express's history!
They are offering over 4,000 Costumes, Accessories, decor and more!
Plus, free Shipping on orders over $75.

And don't forget the coupon codes for extra savings!!

cosex5 - $5 off $50 or more (before tax & shipping).
cosex10 - $10 off $75 or more (before tax & shipping).
cosex15 - $15 off $100 or more (before tax & shipping).
cosex2011 - 10% off $40 or more (before tax & shipping). 

What are you and your kiddos dressing up as this year?  So far, I have a Hannah Montana and a Ghost, but my Ghost keeps changing his mind!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recieve 20% Off Your First Rockport Shoe Order!

Join the Rockport Family and get updates on new Rockport products and services, exclusive Rockport email promotions, and special Rockport offers. Sign up today and get 20% off your next footwear purchase, just click here or the banner below!

P.S. Those purple pumps are so cute!! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

New Printable Coupons From Coupons.Com

New coupons have been added!! Print your favorites before they are gone. And, below the banner is a list of what's included. Watch out, it's a LOT of coupons! :)

Save on groceries at, click here or the banner below!


$1.00 OFF any Two (2) La Creme Creamer Products
$1.00 OFF any three Perrier 1L PET or 750mL glass
$1.00 OFF any ONE (1) 12oz. bag Seattle's Best Coffee
$0.75 OFF any ONE (1) Gold Peak 59 oz. carafe any flavor
$0.75 OFF any ONE (1) Smart Balance Milk


$1.00 OFF any TWO (2) tubs of PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese
$1.00 OFF any four (4) Knorr Products
$1.00 OFF any ONE I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! Whipped & Creamy Taste spread
$1.00 OFF any THREE (3) can or microwavable bowl varieties of Campbell's Select Harvest soup
$1.00 OFF any TWO Fun Size or Grab Bag mix bags Skittles, Starburst, Lifesavers
$1.00 OFF any ONE (1) Red's All Natural Burrito
$1.00 OFF any ONE (1) HORMEL COMPLEATS KIDS microwave meal
$1.00 OFF any ONE (1) Bertolli Premium Meal Soup for Two
$1.00 OFF any ONE (1) Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza, any variety
$1.00 OFF any ONE (1) Reser's American Classics 3 lb Salad
$1.00 OFF any IHOP at Home frozen breakfast product
$1.00 OFF any Five (5) Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Entrees
$1.00 OFF any THREE BOXES General Mills Cereal
$1.00 OFF any Celebration Foods Ice Cream Cake or Dessert (inc. OREO, Carvel, M&M'S, SNICKERS)
$1.00 OFF any FOUR any flavor/variety Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizza Products
$0.75 OFF any ONE (1) package of Truvia natural sweetener
$0.75 OFF TWO any flavor kids Yoplait products
$0.75 OFF any ONE Kashi Frozen Entree or Pizza Product
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$0.50 OFF any five (5) Campbell's Spaghetti0's pasta
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$0.50 OFF any ONE BOX Fun da-middles Cupcake Mix
$0.40 OFF any TWO PACKAGES any flavor/variety Totino's Rolls Snacks
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Personal Care:

Buy One Get One Free Stim-U-Dent or Stim-U-Dent Thins
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$0.40 OFF THREE (3) KLEENEX On-the-Go Tissue Packs

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Chips & Skillet Queso At Chili's - Printable Coupon

Join Chili's Email Club to get the latest happenings, exclusive offers, and a FREE order of Skillet Queso & Chips. Perfect for the upcoming weekend! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Build Reading Skills With Free Reading Games By Kabongo

I was so excited when I found this website, and I can't wait for my kiddos to get home from school today and give it a try. They both love to play on the computer and as a parent, I'm also trying to kind something fun, yet educational. It's totally free (no subscription) and you can even sign on through Facebook.

Kabongo challenges kids to become better thinkers, inspiring self-confidence through the joy of online play. 4 to 7 year olds can play our Laughter Lake for free!!

I'd love to know what you think! Have you tried the site before? Do you kids enjoy it?

Free Kleenex Cool Touch From Target's Sample Spot

So, I've been out of bloggy land for a while (I know, I know). Personal reasons and kids, etc... Anyway, I'm trying to pull myself back into the loop. And, it seems while I was living under a rock, Target added a "Sample Spot". Wow, how could I have missed this!?

So, today I'm sending you on your way to the Target Sample Spot for a free sample of Kleenex Cool Touch tissues. Enjoy!

Target Sample Spot - Kleenex Cool Touch Tissues

Have a great Monday!

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