Sunday, August 31, 2008


Here's another bandwagon that I've been slow to jump on, Wellness360! This site does so much, I can't even begin to cover it all. Click here to check it out. You can even look around the site with a temporary sign-on without giving them any information.

Basically you earn points for using the site and then you cash in your points each quarter for cash (must have at least $25). What earns you points?

"Taking our Health Risk Assessment* and following its recommendations
Tracking what you eat
Recording your daily exercise
Reading articles that interest you
Updating and uploading your personal health records
*Your Health Risk Assessment must be completed before points are redeemed"

Clicking on ads and watching videos also earns you points. Since this is a holiday weekend, you can earn triple points!!

I just signed up this morning and played around for a bit....I've already earned over $6!! I want to thank Ginger at Attention Target Shoppers for researching and recomending this great site.

I'm already excited about the calorie counter. It's really easy to enter what you've eaten. It looks like Wellness360 is a win-win!!!! Yay!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Using Up Some Kool-Aid!

I have so many packets of Kool-Aid! I found a great rainy day activity to get rid of one or two. It reminds me of being a kid. :)

The recipe is slightly altered and from RecipeZarr. The idea is from Amy at Mom Advise/The Motherload.


1 Cup Flour
1-2 Packages Kool-Aid
1 Tablespoon Cream of Tarter
1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
1/4 Cup Salt
3/4 Cup Boiling Water

Mix all dry ingredients in bowl then oil, then pour boiling water in and mix throughly. Let cool a bit before giving it to the kids!!

Wrap in cellophane or air tight container and store in fridge. The play dough should last a few months. Be sure the label and date!

We made blue and pink. I'd recomend darker colors, but that was my daughter's choice! We used cookie cutters, plastic silverware, a rolling pin, etc. It kept the kids busy for about an hour. And they've asked to play with it several times this week. Even though we have Play-Doh already, unponed Play-Doh at that, my daughter thinks this stuff is the coolest!!

This would be lots of fun for holidays! Green and red at Christmas, pink and red at Valentines, etc. Would be great for a kids table over the holidays or a birthday party activity, you get the idea! Cheap fun!

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Complicated Trip to CVS-Overall Profit....$5.34!

Today's two transactions ran into some issues! Pictured is what I ended up with. Here's what went down:


2 Suave Body Wash $4.00
1 Suave Deodorant $2.00
1 Colagte $2.79 (where is it?)
1 Colgate $2.99 (keep reading.......)


B1G1 Suave Body Wash coupon ($2.00)
$.50/1 any type Suave product, both from paper a few months back
$1.50/1 Colgate Total coupon from September All You
$1/1 Colagte Max Fresh Burst coupon, Septmeber All You
$2/$10 CVS Back to School coupon from here, page #30.
$2.00 ECB

Paid $2.78 OOP but only got back $2.00 ECB for the Suave. I should have also recieved $2.00 in ECB for each Colgate. I was refunded $5.78 for both Colgates, and 2 "new" Max Bursts were rung up. Total paid $5.98 for 2 new ones. Still no ECB, so I refunded $6.00 even in cash and returned both Colgates (again). By this point the poor manger was really frustrated. I didn't care! I shopped around and got the following:

3 BC Headache Powders $3.87
1 CoverGirl WetSlicks AmazeMint (super fun!) $5.99
1 Cracker Pack (filler for son, he was my shopping buddy) $.30


$1/1 CoverGirl P&G coupon exp. 8/31
$2/$10 CVS Back to School coupon
$2.00 ECB from trans #1
$5.24 in cash that they had given me in above refund

I still had $.26 in cash and got back $3.87 for the BC Powder and $5.99 for the CoverGirl, or $9.86 in ECB. In summary, I started with $2.00 in ECB and ended up with $9.86=$7.86. I spent $2.78 OOP, but got back $.26 in cash=$2.52. That's an overall "profit" off $5.34. I worked out way better for me because the Colgate ECB deal wasn't working properly.

Remember too, my new ad started today, Thursday. Dallas/ Ft Worth is a test market for a new ad schedule. To see a sneak peek for yourself, go to CVS and enter the zip code 75201.

Free Stuff!!!

Just a few things to request or print today.

Pledge Multi-Surface Wipe sample and $1.00 coupon

Gain with Baking Soda from Walmart

Arm & Hammer Essentials Cleaner, it's a new "green" cleaner. Try it free with the rebate. Make it an even better deal with this $1.00 coupon. Links from Walmart, heads up from The Thrifty Mommy!!

Free box of Just For Men Touch of Gray, it's an $8 rebate. It looks like you'll get $8 back no matter what you paid. Potential $$ maker, so keep your rebates with your coupons and your eyes wide open for deals!!

See any great samples, rebates or coupon links? Send me an e-mail!

Walgreens Coupon-Friday and Saturday only

Another coupon from Walgreens for today and tomorrow. But this is $10 off of $40. Remember the $40 is before tax and after coupons (no prescription, etc...). Get your coupon HERE!!

After an awesome zero OOP pocket trip yesterday, using this would ruin my "coupon high". :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Zero OOP at Walgreens-Aug 28

My Walgreens gift card from my Pert rebate arrived yesterday and has already started burning a hole in my pocket!

1 Pulls-Up $9.49
2 Rimmel Eye Shadow $4.79 (on sale B1G1)


$2.00 Pull-Ups coupon (from paper...?)
B1G1 Rimmel coupon from August All You ($4.79)
$4.00 in Register Rewards from last week's trip

$3.78 paid with Gift OOP. And I got back $2.00 in register Rewards for the Pull-Ups.

I'm saving my receipt and the UPC for the Caregivers Marketplace $1.00/pack rebate. I need at least $5 in rebates to submit them.

I have been reading that some people are not wanting to use the B1G1 Rimmel coupon because is says "Only at Walmart". That's a Walmart slogan!!!!! It is not refering to where you can redeem it. Smart slogan on Walmart's part, since some people are only going there to use the coupon.

I also ran into CVS and blew all my ECB, a $2/$10 coupon and the $1 Opti-Free coupon from my coupon bar at the left and got 2 bottles (the Twin Pack) of Opti-Free contact solution for $4.71 OOP. I recieved back $2 ECB.

FREE Touch of Gray by Just For Men by Rebate

My hubby was just talking about wanting to try this!! Here's his (and your) chance to try it for free. Just click the cute box below!!

It's a mail in rebate, with no registering required to print the rebate form. Yay free stuff!!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Free eBook from the eBay Selling Coach

Suzanne Wells is at it again, she's giving away another ebook!! Click RIGHT HERE to get yours.

This one is called "What to Buy at Thrift Stores to Resell on eBay for Profit". I can't wait to read it!! I LOVE shopping at thrift stores for eBay. It's like a huge treasure hunt with each trip.

Here's what the book covers:

What to buy to resell - specific thrift store items that bring big profits on eBay
Many items listed are unique to thrift stores and not usually found at garage sales
Managing your time in a thrift store - how to shop faster
Secrets to getting deeper discounts and paying even less
How to avoid buying "problem" items

Specific Product Categories:

Household Items
Small Electronics

If you sell on eBay, you can't afford to miss out on free tips and advice! Thanks Suzanne, for the great offer!!!

Chick-n-Strips Giveaway at Chick-Fil-A on Sept. 1st

Ready for more free chicken???? I am!!!!!

Here's the official word, "Visit any participating Chick-fil-A restaurant wearing your favorite football team’s attire or logo on Labor Day, Sept. 1, 2008, from 10:30 a.m. until close and get one free order of our new Chick-n-Strips (3-count). Limit one order per person while supplies last".

I've got my OU t-shirt ready!!!

Click HERE for all the official rules and info. Yay, Chick-Fil-A!!!!

Thanks to my brother, Mason, for sending me the link!! I hope you're not in rough shape today (he wrecked his Jeep yesterday). :(

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CVS-Aug 26, Zero OOP and an ECB Profit!!!

I had an awesome trip to CVS today!

Children's Advil $5.79
Kotex Lightdays $1.39
Visine $4.79


$1 Children's Advil coupon
$1.00 Kotex coupon (newspaper or All You....I forgot)
$3.00 Visine coupon from August All You
$2/$10 CVS coupon found at I Heart CVS

My total was $4.97 and I paid with $5 in OOP! I got back $5.79 for the Advil and $1.49 for the Kotex, so $7.28 in ECB. I made an ECB "profit" of $2.28. Yay!

The Kotex Lightdays were not at all marked for the ECB deal, so I seconded guessed myself (for the second week in a row) and had to go up front for an ad. They are advertised for $1.49 but were marked $1.39 (regular shelf price tag) . All the other Kotex products were marked with the weeks deals, just not the "free" item. Nice thing was they had everything I was looking for today. Yay, unmarked deals!!

Icing on the cake, hubby is off today and kept the kids. I also made it to both Kroger ($22.84) and Albertson's ($19.12), all alone! It was very nice! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Fuel For School Rebate Has Been Sent

And I will make a 20 cent profit!!!! Here's how I did it, based off of memory since the receipt is already sealed up in the envelope. I always do my rebates as soon as I get home, so I don't forget!

I shopped at Walmart (everyday low prices!!).

Eggos (Homestyle and French Toast Waffles on Rollback) 2/$3....$6.00
Pop-Tarts 2/$4.....$4.00
Yogos $1.70 each.....6.80


(3) Yogos $1/1 from HERE
(1) $1.00 Yogos from paper (like 2 months ago)
(2) $1.00/2 Eggos from paper with rebate
(1) $1.00/1 Pop-Tarts from paper with rebate

Total OOP $9.80. Less the $10.00 rebate......20 cent profit!!!!

YAY!!!!! The funny thing is, I was bummed about having to cut off the UPCs. That's 10 boxes that I can't use for eBay, click here to see what I mean. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Smart Start Rebate and $1 Coupon

I've really been on the rebate bandwagon lately. They are so fun!! Here's a "money maker" that I found thanks to Money Saving Mom .

Kellogg's Smart Start Strawberry Oat Bites Cereal rebate- or you can try Frosted Mini-Wheats Blueberry Muffin cereal instead. Make this a "money maker" by using a $1.00 from HERE.

The rebate doesn't expire until July 31, 2009. Click here to visit the Smart Start site.

Any hot rebates to report? E-mail me!

Cascade Complete All-in-One Sample

Here's a hot new sample from Walmart. Thanks to The Thrifty Mommy for the heads up!

Cascade Complete All-in-One with a bonus Mr.Clean Magic Eraser sample!!!!!! Scroll down towards the bottom.

The Cascade ActionPac's are so AWESOME!! We have seriously never seen our dishes cleaner!! I can't wait for the Magic Eraser....I've been too cheap to ever buy one but really want to give it a try. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walgreens-Aug 22

The Walgreens $5 off of $20 coupon really burned a hole in my pocket! I made it in yesterday.

3 Skippy 3/$5
3 Ragu Sauce 3/$5
2 rolls tape $.78
8 ct Crayola $.99
Tissues $1.00
Mead 5 Star Binder $7.99
6 pack TP $3.00
Pep-H $3.99


$1/2 Ragu's (I found my peanut butter coupon when I got home, DARN IT!!!!!)
$.39 Walgreens tape coupon
$2.00 Easy Saver Prep-H coupon
$3.00 Prep-H coupon ($1.01 profit on the Prep-H!!!!!)
$5/$20 coupon

Total OOP....$17.47. I have also already mailed in my Pert/Sure/School Supply rebate for $5. So that brings me down to $12.47 and I also got back $4 in Register Rewards. Doesn't $8.47 sound just awesome??!! I also had a 20% off coupon for Payless Shoes spit out.

The tape, tissues and crayons finished up my daughters small "back to school" list for pre-school . Everything else I had "in stock" around the house. I made a buck on the Prep-H and have already given it away. The binder if for's my new coupon binder!!!! It's time to upgrade my current system. There will be no more "found too late" peanut butter coupons for me!

$12 Denim at Old Navy-Saturday Only!!

Be sure to check out Old Navy's denim sale today. Men's and women's denim is $12 (select styles) and kid's denim is just $7. You can order online or go to the store. Not that I was happy about the $7 shipping but I just ordered some online. I figured the $7 was worth the gas and hassle. Especially if the store is crazy. It took only 10 minutes online and would have taken a few hours to haul all of us to the store and back. The best part about shopping online, all of our sizes were available!! Maybe I'll get a cool box for eBay out of the deal as well. :)

Thanks to The Thrifty Mommy for the heads up!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

$5/$20 at Walgreens Friday and Saturday only!!

Yipee a Walgreens coupon to start the weekend!! As in the recent past, this will be $5 off your $20 total before taxes and after coupons. Still a great deal!!! I've been brainstorming on a way to use it with some rebates, like maybe the ones I mentioned here.

What are you getting????

Thursday, August 21, 2008

$120 Goodie Giveaway at eBay Selling Coach

Check out all this stuff that Suzanne Wells, the eBay Selling Coach, is giving away!!! How exciting! It's valued at about $120. See her post for details on how to win.

She will anounce the winner on Monday, August 25th. Good luck everyone!

In addition to giving away free stuff, Suzanne also gives out free eBay tips. She has a great blog is you're an eBay seller looking for new ideas and advice.

Just a Few Samples

I haven't kept up on the samples this past week, I'll have to work on that!!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub Sample

Sesame Street Fire Safety Station Color and Learn Coloring Book

SCOTT® Extra Soft TP Roll Sample from Walmart. I tried this yesterday and it didn't work, so it looks like it's been reset. :)

H.O.T. Sauce "The Best Habanero Hot Sauce on Earth", my hubby can test that out. :)

Find any really fun freebies? Leave me a comment or e-mail me (contact author).

Gymboree Circle of Friends Sale

The Circle of Friends sale starts today. Today through Sunday you can get an extra 30% anything in the store (read:clearance). Yippee!!!!

Leave me a comment or e-mail me (with your e-mail address!) if you'd like me to forward you the coupon. You'll need a physical coupon for the store and just the code for online. Online use the code: GYMFRIEND.
To get you own Gymboree e-mail alerts, click here.

There's more......they are doing Gymbucks again!!!! Spend $50, get $25 back in Gymbucks. If you work the clearance rack you can really score some deals. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Redbox Code-Aug 20th

Here's your Wednesday Redbox free rental code:


We picked up a movie while doing errends before lunch. :)

CVS-Aug 19

I really went to CVS two days ago. I was waiting to see if I'd make another trip. I guess I won't since I really don't need anything. I'll post again if I change my mind!!

Here's all I got this week:

1 Crest $1.99
1 Revlon Lash Fantasy Marcara $7.99
2 Gold Emblem Candies $.88 each


$2/$10 CVS coupon from I Heart CVS
$1.00 off 2 Gold Emblem candies (from the price check machine, I have like 5 of these so I thought I'd treat the kids)
$1.00 off Revlon coupon from paper
$.75 off Crest from Aug P&G insert
$5.00 ECB

Total OOP $2.05 and I got back $6 in ECB, not my best trip but not my worst. It was more of an adventure trip with the kids. The kids love to get the coupons from the price check machine and this trip we price checked everything in the cart about 3 times. Ahhhh, the advantage of shopping in the middle of the day!!!! :)

P.S. Remember DFW folks....the new CVS circular is out today.

P.P.S. Anyone else in DFW notice the total LACK of Extra Care Deals being flagged in the store??? I had to grab an ad beacause I started to second guess myself in the store. But, the nice thing was things that weren't flagged were IN STOCK!!! My SIL, Allie, over at Lucky Duck Savings noticed the same thing in her store. How are you DFW CVS shoppers liking the new circular/sale schedule??????

$1.00 Target/Luvs Coupon

This came from Luvs this morning! Luvs are on sale at Target for $6.99 a pack, make it an even sweeter deal with $1.00 Luvs Target Web Coupon. $5.99 a pack is a great price!!! Be sure to visit Luvs to enter the diaper sweeepstakes. They will give away a month supply of diapers.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great Trip to Walmart Thanks to All You Magazine

I finally decided to jump on the All You Magazine bandwagon about a month ago. I signed up online here and my first copy finally arrived last week. Wow! I was really impressed with the amount of coupons!!!!!

Here's what I got for free at Walmart today:

Wheat Thins
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
Crystal Light
Kraft Dressing
Kraft Singles

All 5 "free item with the purchase of 3 other Kraft items" coupons were all in the latest All You Magazine. I only had to buy 15 packets of Kool-Aid.....anyone need some?

I also used my Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce coupon, free after coupon! Another good deal was the Fast Fixin's 2 pound bags (blue bag hiding behind the Eskimo Bars). They are on Rollback at my store for $3.98. Make it an even better deal with $1.00 coupon, $2.98 after coupon!! I also found the Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber and got my rebate ready to mail tomorrow. I made a profit with this $2.75 coupon!! I also picked up that loaf of Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread for free too!! That coupon was in today's paper.

Another deal alert!!! Sun-Maid Raisin Mini-Snacks (14 mini boxes) are $1.33 each. I used the $1.00/2 coupon from today's paper making them $.83 each. But wait, you know I have more!! Click here to download an order form for a FREE Blue's Clues book, Healthy Snacks with Blue. Just mail in one UPC! My son loves raisins and Blue, so it's a win-win for me.

I only paid $29.27 (after rebate) OOP for everything pictured. I could have saved $4 more if I hadn't gotten the kids each a coloring book and the ice cream. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Huggies and Energizers at CVS

I finally wrapped up my CVS trips last night. I was under pressure since today started the new circular for me (Dallas is a test market for a new ad schedule). I started the week with ZERO in ECB. Here's what I got and how I did it:

1 Pack Pull-Ups $8.99
1 Energizer Pack $2.99


$2.00 off Pull-Ups (mine were actually newspaper coupons)
$1.00 off Energizer coupon from paper
$2/$10 CVS coupon coupon found at I Heart CVS (click "printable coupons" at top of page)

Total OOP $7.56. Now, I did this same transaction THREE times. How boring, huh? I also got back $5 in ECB on the 3rd diaper purchase. Then my final transaction was:

3 Energizer Packs $5.99
1 Playschool Cottony Cloths $2.50
1 Water $.89

(3) $1.00 off Energizer coupons
$2.00 off Cottony Clothes from I Heart CVS
$2/$10 CVS coupon from I Heart CVS
$5 in ECB

Total OOP $.36 and I got $5 back in ECB.

So, I spent $23.04 out of pocket. OUCH!!!!! Since I got $5 in ECB back we can say that I spent $18.04, sounds better already, right? But wait there's more, if you call in the next 10 minutes.....Kidding!! Anyway, I also got the last 3 UPC's I needed to do my first The Caregivers Marketplace rebate on Huggies. You get $1 back per pack. So I'll be getting $5 back from them.

So, I think we can safely say I spent $13.04 on 3 packs of Pull-Ups, 6 packs of Energizers, wipes and a bottle of water. Yay CVS!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Free Ziploc Bags from Right at Home-New Offer!!

UPDATE!!!! This one is already expired. That was fast! I hope some of you got signed up for free goodies!! :)

We're excited to offer the first 10,000 people who join Right@Home™ a Ziploc® Gift Pack that includes:
Free Ziploc® samples
$3 off Glade® Scented Oil Candles
$2 off two Glade® Jar Candles
$1 off Pledge®
$1 off Ziploc® Bags/Containers

Better hurry, it's for the first 10,000 people to respond, and these go fast!! Click above or click here to request yours!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Recieved The New CVS Ad Today

The local paper comes out every Wednesday. Yes, it only comes once a week! Anyway, I had been wondering how the ad's delivery schedule would work. Starting this week my CVS ads will run Friday to Thursday. I got my answer today. I received the Aug 15-Aug 21 ad! I will be receiving my new CVS circular two days ahead of time. Before this, I was getting a 4 day old CVS ad in the weekly paper. I hope no one actually waited that long to look at it. By then everything you want might be gone!

Here's a couple of samples of the new format. It's a bit hard to notice the Extra Care Bucks at first.....But, I will like the advantage of having a few days to look it the ad before the sale starts. I'm a "hard copy" visual kinda gal. I'd rather look at the real ad, not a scanned version online. I'm weird I know. :)

One possible disadvantage is that the coupons come out in the middle of the ad. Although that is true for grocery stores as well. With CVS it will be a toss up between going early and finding what you want in stock OR waiting for the new set of coupons on Sunday hoping to score a better deal. I guess they are making the "game" more interesting!! CVS also points out that we can now "shop all weekend". That is a huge plus for those working outside the home who like to shop on the weekends.

I'm not wild about the visual format of the new circular, but I'll do my best to get used to it! :)

P.S. This was post 200. Yay!


A recent stop at Free Grabber and I realized there are a lot of samples out there!! Here are just a few:

AlphaMax-The Original Home Facial Peel System sample

SolarWinds Temporary Tattoos-fun for the kids!!

BPA-Free Bottle from Medela, they make the best breastpumps!!

Super Sticky Recycled Notes-Post-it Notes from 3M. Yay for recycled paper!!

Roll of 1 Lacrosse Tape-handy for those with kids in sports!!
Have a great day!!

Want a Free Movie Rental?

Have you tried out Redbox yet? If not, give it a try!!!! The kids and I have been renting FREE movies all summer.

Today's promo code is: Y72LR2
Sign up here at Redbox to get your own promo codes sent to you. Sometimes I get them via e-mail and sometimes via text message. Yay, for free!!!

Just rememeber Rebox is a one day rental, and you be charged $1 a day for late returns. Their customer service department is also very nice. I had an unplayable DVD a few weeks ago (that was a free rental) and when I called they gave me 2 free rentals. No, I didn't call for my money back! Haha, I just wanted to be sure the DVD was flagged not to be rented again. :)

8 Free Issues of Traditional Home

A big thanks to The Thrifty Mommy for this one!!!!!

Traditional Home, 8 free issues. Sponored by BedBathStore.Com. Nice!!!

Also available: Field & Stream, WaterSki and PC Magaizine.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Obama Button from MoveOn

Obama '08

Be sure to read the fine print on this one, or anytime before giving out your e-mail. I suggest a seperate e-mail all together for all your freebies, sweepstakes, sign-ups, etc. You'll still need to check it for fun coupons!

The CVS Ad Scoop

While in CVS tonight I asked a manager about the new ad schedule. Here's the story:

Dallas is a test market for the new "sale week". So, the CVS circular will be out on Fridays and the week will run Friday through Thursday. I didn't realize the sale week was changing too. I'll have to get used to that.

I hope this doesn't make things too confusing for everyone across the country.....maybe it will helpful.

As far as this week, I only have a couple more days to finish shopping!! Oh no!! I have to be done by Thursday. I'm working on the Huggies diaper and battery deals. I'm not done yet, I'm breaking it into 4 transactions so I can use the $2/$10 coupon. I found a copy over at I Heart CVS.

Anyone else living in a CVS test market with the new circular and sale schedule?

Tax-Free Weekend in Texas

Yay!! It's almost here, Tax-Free Weekend!! Click here for a complete list of items that are included. Since I don't have school aged kids, we usually just pick up a few clothing items and maybe some diapers. I don't "save up" a bunch of purchases or anything, it's just fun to have an "excuse" to shop and save that 8.25%.

Tax-Free Weekend runs August 15th, 16th and 17th, 2008.

I do have a Gymboree trip planned. They are running some sales (of course), and I have a 20% my whole purchase coupon that I have saved for this weekend. Add no tax, and I should walk out with a couple of cute outfits for the kids for about $15 a piece.....I hope! That's usually my Gymboree goal, $15 an outfit. That way I'll at least break even when I sell my kids clothes later on eBay. Yes, I AM crazy!! I'm already planning on selling something I haven't even bought (or used) yet. :)

I noticed that Oklahoma now does tax-free weekends (I think it was 2 weeks ago) for back-to-school. What other states do tax-free weekends? Don't answer Delaware.....aren't you sales tax free all the time?!

$1 Off Fruit Smoothies at Jack in the Box

I'm not sure of the regular price on these, but I like to keep a few fast food coupons in my stash just in case a hunger/thirst emergency strikes. I usually have snacks and water in the car, but you never know!!
They come in Strawberry Banana, Mango and Orange Sunrise, they sound good!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

CVS is Moving the Circular!!!

Starting August 15th, the CVS circular will be coming out on Friday (not Sunday). Sounds good to me! Something to "look forward to" for Friday mornings. :)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Free Packing for Shipping

What's all that "trash" you ask? It's all the plastic from the newspaper, diaper packs, TP, paper towels, torn store bags, okay you get the idea.

I bag them up and use them for eBay packing for items such as this. They work AWESOME!!!! So much better than newspaper and cheaper than peanuts. Like I would ever buy packing peanuts, haha! Of course I love that fact that I'm reusing "trash".

In my pantry, I have 2 plastic bags hung. One is for "good" plastic bags. Bags with no holes, that would work for kitty box duty or trash can liners, etc. All other "trash" plastic goes in the other bag as long as it's clean (dry, no food!!).

I have yet to have an item broken in shipment and even get comments on my "great packing". I just toss the bags (bottom picture) in my eBay packing box in the garage. I use these faster that I can "make" them most of the time. And that includes reusing all of my mom's plastic as well!!

Even if you don't ship a lot, keep this in mind for when you do need to ship!

Be sure to read this post for ideas for free shipping boxes!!

Going Broke at CVS

After such an awesome trip to CVS earlier in the week, I can't believe I spent so much out of pocket. It was the budget busters again, diapers and contact solution. Hubby didn't like the plain saline, so I had to get some "real" stuff.

I also figured after the P&G $1.50 coupon, $8.88 for Pamper's ($7.38 after coupon) wasn't a bad deal. We're always low on mouthash, so I am just trying to stay ahead there. Covergirl.....well, what can I say? I had 3 B1G1 free coupons (thanks Mom and Irene). But I'm thinking eBay or donation for the extra's on the Covergirl. Needed TP, finally found the coffee.....

Drepressing as it is, here's what I spent:

$13.92 in the top trip and $17.97 in the bottom trip. Darn diapers!!!!! So see, I don't get everything for free! I also have no ECB left. Bummer!

I'm ready for a fresh start tomorrow!

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Sweeps at Glamour

Head over to Glamour magazine's Glamalert for some new sweepstakes. Go to "Gotta Win It" for the new sweeps!!

Dockers, Smartwater, Avon, and more!!!!!

More Samples!

Enough already, right? Here are some new samples to fill your mailbox:

Pedia-Pop Oral Electrolyte Mix sample, orange or apple!

$1 Tide Total Care coupon, via snail mail.

Always Infinity Pads sample.

Degree Men Absolute Protection deodorant sample.

Febreze Pet Pal Pack-must be a Dogster/Catster member.

Anyone else have any good coupons or samples to report???? Thanks to Free Grabber for the leads.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hitting the Jackpot at Goodwill

I hit Goodwill today to shop for eBay items. I had exactly one hour to shop, since I left my son at home with hubby. Hubby had to work tonight so I had a schedule to keep. I was a bit stressed! :)

Here's what I found for us personally:

Sesame Street Chutes and Laders (like new!) $3

Blue Sealed Jar for my kitchen decor $2

Red, White & Blue Wreath from Target (new with tag), there were lots more!!!!! $.59

Ralph Lauren dress $3

Crewcuts (J Crew for kids) dress $3

Yes, I said Target up there. My favorite Goodwill (Garland, Texas) gets Target clearance!!!!! I asked about it and the cashier said Target just makes random donations. They were rolling a huge cart of $.99 ballet flats past as I walked in. I knew then it was going to be a good trip.

I also scored another 19 pieces (mostly breakables!) that I will turn into 13 eBay auctions. Not bad for an hours work and $34 total OOP. I will also sell the dresses when my daughter is done, worst case break even on them. Probably make a small profit. I think eBay is the coolest!

Sample Time & Coupons Too!

It's sample time!!!

3M Post-It Meeting Solutions Meeting Pack, homemaker is even a listed occupation! Yay!

P&G Everyday Solutions coupons and samples, I was able to request a $1.00 Tide coupon and a Pantene sample.

Head and Shoulders shampoo and conditioner sample.

Sundance Organic Tea sample and "some cool stuff". Coupons maybe?

Free Car and Driver magazine subscription

Batian Peak Coffee sample

And how about some coupons?

$1.50 Yoplait Kids coupon, thanks Tasha @ Comical Coupon Cents

$1.00 Off Cheerios coupon

Iams Cat or Dog food sample via coupon in the mail.

Thanks to Free Grabber for some of the samples! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Redbox Code-Aug 6th

Here's a code for a free rental from Redbox. The code is valid today only, August 6th.


We just got back from Albertson's, the kids picked out Word World. Sounds cute, huh? I guess we'll watch it before bed, in my room. The DVD player in the living room has died. :(

New CVS Coupon

Be sure to read this post from the Deal Seeking Mom. She has shown us how to get a $2/10 CVS coupon that doesn't expire until September 28th.

UPDATE-----This ad has already been pulled! Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!!

CVS-Monday 48 cents OOP

I have been a lazy blogger! Here's my CVS trip from Monday. This one didn't go at all as planned but eneded up okay in the end.

4 Perts (B1G1 free)- $7.38
2 Colgates- $5.98
Children's Advil- $5.79
Toothbrush- $2.49
M&M's- $.79
Choc. Coins- $.99

minus these coupons

(4) $2.00/1 Pert
(2) $1.00/1 Colgate
$1.00/1 Oral B toothbrush
$1.00/1 Children's Advil
$11 in ECB

OOP $.48 and $11.29 in ECB back

Things that went wrong: Well, I went in for the coffee deal. See any coffee? No, I didn't either. So I decided to get the toothpaste and toothbrushes instead. Then the store manager rung me up. He took all my coupons and ECB up front. He wanted to match up the coupons, etc. Fair enough, and a good idea on his part I guess! But when he got to the last Pert coupon he was thrown for a loop. It was beeping due to the overage. He asked me what was going on! Haha. I told him it was the overage and he needed to adjust the coupon. So he then asks me how. Umm, I don't know, but by this time he was a little flustered and 3 people are behind me. So he forces the coupon through with an overage! But......since he took all my ECB and the coupon overage, CVS was owing me $1.36!!! That's when I too got flustered and had my daughter pick out 2 candies, hence the chocolate coins and M&M's. It all turned out fine. I even made a few cents in ECB.

Problem now is, I still need coffee!!

P.S. I got the Pert for the school supply rebate. You can't get just 2, since the second one will show up as "free" on the receipt.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Samples at Walmart

Looks like Walmart has some new samples. I didn't request any but you may want to check the Walmart sample page to see if you've missed one. Cat food, Tide, Benefiber, etc.....

Two Rebates Worth Mentioning

There were 2 great rebates in the paper today!

1. The first one is a $5 rebate on school supplies when you buy $5 of Pert and/or Sure. That should be easy since both Pert and Sure are B1G1 this week at CVS. Remember is you are purchasing 2 Pert's...use two $2 coupons. Free Pert! Be sure to purchase $5 in school supplies and send in all the receipts. This was in today's Smart Source.

2. The other great deal was from Kellogg's, "Fuel for School". You get a $10 rebate for purchasing (any combination) 10 of the following items:

Any Kellogg's Cereal, 12 oz or larger
Any Keebler Product, 8oz or larger
Any Sunshine Product, 8oz or larger
Any Eggo Product, 8ct or larger
Any Nutri-Grain, 6ct or larger
Any Special K Cereal Bars, 6ct or larger
Any Pop Tarts, 8ct or larger
Any Rice Krispies Treat, 8ct or larger
Any Fruit Flavored Snack, 6ct or larger
Any Cereal Straws, 5oz or larger
Any Grab N Go Cereal Pack, 5oz or larger

Click here for more info about the Kellogg's rebate. All 10 items must be purchased at the same time (on one receipt). So keep your coupons handy and watch those sale flyers!!! There may be free food out there waiting. The Kellogg's rebate form was in today's Redplum.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My CVS Wrap Up-Aug 2nd

I already went to CVS earlier this week and bought Listerine. I was left with $2 in ECB and was already $4 into the Johnson's $10 ECB deal. So, I went ahead and ran in, spent another $4.48 OOP. I got some much needed saline and ended up with $11 in ECB. I felt better. :)

I did this over 2 transactions. I got the CVS brand Ibuprofen for free. On your first visit in August when you use your ECB card, you'll recieve a coupon for a free item. So I made that visit yesterday. I needed the monthly deal book anyway.

Monthly deal alert: Get get Children's Advil for $5.79 and get $5.79 in ECB back. Use a $1 off Children's Advil coupon, and it's a money maker!! I'm going to try to work it into my trip tomorrow.

Also, I found B1G1 Gold Peak Tea coupons on the cooler doors on my trip earlier in the week. Good thing I grabbed two! The teas are $1.69 each. Another monthly deal, buy 2 teas get $1 ECB back. So, 2 Gold Peak Teas cost me $.69.

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