Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been a sample slacker!

Hopefully this will make up for my "slacking" this past week. Free samples!!! Yippee!!!!

Kotex Ultra Thin Ultra Compact Pads

Emergen-C drink mix-from Wal-Mart

Loreal Skin Genesis-also from Wally World

Aquafresh Extreme Clean -yup, Wally World

Disinfecting Wipes from Progressive Products

Milk Matters Coloring Book with Buddy Brush-from the Milk Matters campaign

Purex Natural Elements-you can also get a coupon by e-mailing the page to a friend

GE Caulk-as in bathroom caulk....

That should keep you busy for a few minutes!

31 Cent Scoop Night

Be sure to visit Baskin Robbins tonight from 5-10 for a 31 cent scoop of ice cream!! Click here for more details.

Baskin Robbins will be making a donation to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Also, don't forget to sign up for their birthday club.


Monday, April 28, 2008

Back In The Sadle

What a fun weekend!! I took a little break from eBay and blogging over the weekend. My daughter turned 4 and my dad and step-mom were in town. I spent the day getting back on track. Laundry, eBay, and just having a relaxing day alone with the kids! Ahhh.....

As far a CVS recap for last week: I started the week with $28 in ECB and ended with $40.97 in ECB. That's a profit of $12.97. I spent $5.72 in OOP cash (I screwed this up by about $3, long story). So, overall for the week I made profit of $7.25!!!!! That's my best week yet. It's also good news, since there are not a lot of ECB offers this week at CVS. Here's the newest Welcome Coupon ($4 off $20). I'll be using some of my ECB "profits" this week on some necessities (diapers!). package of crackers is missing from the photo! :)

While my dad and step-mom were in town, they gave me lots of eBay inventory. Ties, VHS tapes, phone accessories and comic books. Nothing beats free inventory, thanks Dad and Irene!!!!! We had a great visit, especially the kids!

I saw a few things that interested me in the Wal-Mart ad this week. Bisqick is $1, Bagelfuls $1.98 ($.98 with $1 coupon from paper), Honey Bunches of Oats $1.98 (free with $2 coupon). I haven't even shopped for groceries in 2 weeks!! We have lots of snacks left over from the party, but my $29 worth of stuff from Kroger sure has lasted. I might blow my $30 budget this week. Also, since nothing really looked good at Kroger or Albertson's, I'll wait for the new ads on Wednesday. Maybe hit Wal-Mart tomorrow to hold me over.

I'm off to watch TV with my hubby.

Friday, April 25, 2008

My daughter is 4!!!!!!!

Today is my daughter's 4th birthday!!!!! I know parents always ask themsleves, "How did this happen?". It's a heartbreaking process. :)

Anyway, my dad and step-mom have come in from Maryland. Yippee!

Tomorrow is her princess party!!!!

I'll be back on track soon. :) Have a great weekened.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Earth Day Adventure!

I had a fun trip to Macy's this morning after dropping off my daughter. First, I took care of 3 CVS transactions. One more to go, so I'll post on it later. :) I mailed an eBay item, got gas, and then ran into Macy's. I had to wait until 10am anyway. I have been saving a Christmas gift card to buy the kids each a "birthday outfit". As I walked in, I got a free Ponderosa Pine seedling. I found a super cute dress for $28. Free to me since I used a gift card. Best part is my daughter loves it. She would wear a dress everyday if I let her. :) But wait, there's more......When I checked out, the sales associate gave us 2 coloring books (about the National Parks). Even though it was all just marketing to get me in, I still enjoyed it.

I first thought we'd give the tree to my mom, but no! My husband insisted we keep it. So we've already planned out the perfect spot. Lucky for me it should go in a pot for a while. For some reason I thought we had 10 trees, but we really have 9. So this tree was meant to be for the yard!! :)

In honor of Earth Day, here's a few fun web pages to check out:

Green Living Tips-just try one tip, every little bit helps. I always looking for new "green" things to try after. Our recent change was to switch to "green" electricity. I'm anxious to see how this will change my bill $$$ wise. I was so proud of how low I had gotten the bill. So, I'm looking for electricity saving ideas....Anyone know any? We've switched our bulbs, adjusted the thermostat, use power strips (I keep them turned off), etc.

Local Harvest- directs you to farmers' markets and family farms in your area.

Pick You you to pick-your-own farms in your area. A great family activity!!

Compost Guide- We use a compost bin!! Another crazy but true fact about me. :)

Kids Gardening-great place for ideas. My kids are both so excited about gardening!!

Bag "recycling" for you crafty types-this is the coolest!!! I can't wait to try to make one. Since I use so many bags for eBay, I decided to save all Target bags. It might take a while. But I'll do it! I found this site while reading the following blog.

Attention Target Shoppers-Yay Ginger!! We are getting a Target in Wylie next year. I'm so excited. Since currently, I'm too cheap and lazy to drive to one 1o miles away.

Speaking of Target, I need to plan out my trip to Target tomorrow. I'm birthday shopping for my daughter. I need to get and idea of what I'm getting and set a budget. I'll also cruise around the Internet (Ginger's blog) for any any deals with coupons, since I will be there and all.

Good night!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Free Money

Looks like the $25 sign up bonus for Revolution MoneyExchange is still good!!!! Good news for those of you in need of some cash. Both my husband and I have already transfered our money to our checking and spent it!!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thrifty Birthday Wrap

After a speedy trip through Target for my nephew's birthday gift, I got to the car and realized I forgot a card. big deal since my daughter was dying to make a card for him. Once I got home, I raided my HUGE gift bag "collection". Oops.....I guess my secret is out!! I haven't purchased a gift bag in probably ten years. I save all of them!! I'm a nut!! :) Anyway, I didn't have an appropriate bag the right size. Something medium, you know?

Now that we receive the paper, I have been saving the comic pages each Sunday. Keeping them stashed with my gift bags, tissue paper, etc, Here's what we did!! Cute, huh?

My daughter made the beautiful card. She was so proud of it! I wrapped of course. I even found a new bow in my stash. I thought it made a cute "shabby chic" kind of statement. Earth friendly as well. :)

I had been saving the comics all along to do this very project and it worked out just when I needed it. Plus my daughter and I had afternoon craft time together.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vote for my Kroger Bag!!

I designed my fabulous Kroger reusable bag today. You can view and vote for it here. It's bag #6251, aka "The Winner".

CVS Recap

This week's CVS deals were not the best, but I feel I did pretty well overall. I took advantage of the Benefiber deal. Buy 2, get $10 ECB. The cheapest I could find was $6.49 x 2=12.98 minus two coupons for $5 off (from the 4/12 paper)=2.98 spent for $10 back. That's a $7.02 profit. So anyway, I used some cash and some bucks this week to get some things we needed. I always break my transactions down into $20 groups to use the $4 off $20, "Welcome Coupon" , I grouped my CVS brand stuff together to use the purple $2 coupon.

I got:

4-Pepsi 12 packs-$3 ECB back (fun)
1-Downy (needed)
1-12 pound Fresh Step Scoopable Cat Litter(needed)
2-Benefibers-$10 ECB back (I got the fun chewable ones, they are yummy and have 1g of fiber each)
2-CVS mouthwashes (needed)
3-CVS Essence of Beauty items-$5 ECB back (needed/fun)****The nail brush has been handy since the kids are outside so much :)
1-Dallas Morning News (for the second $5 off Benefiber coupon)

I stated the week with $33 in ECB and ended with $28, so I "spent" $5. In cash I paid a total of $6.42. So, I guess my total for the week was $11.42. Still not to bad overall, since I got lots of things on the grocery list. Plus the extra newspaper will save me more $$ in the future. Since I already get the paper, I now have double the coupons. Yippee!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

EarthFest in Dallas~April 18th

Here's an awesome and free activity for Friday if you're in the Dallas area. EarthFest is an Earth Day celebration presented by the City of Dallas, the EPA, Downtown Dallas and Keep Dallas Beautiful. EarthFest will be tomorrow, April 18th, 2008 from 10am until 2pm. It will be located in the AT&T and Pegasus Plaza area.

You can enjoy music and food, watch a fashion show, get your face painted, learn about earth friendly products for the home, recycle, etc.....!

Here's a list of items you can take with you for recycling:

-old cell phones (working& non-working) (collected by several exhibitors)
-inkjet cartridges (collected by several exhibitors)
-plastic caps from bottles, jars, etc. (collected by AVEDA)
-old rechargeable batteries (no longer hold charge) (collected by EPA)

Just click here for more EarthFest info.

Hey, one more thing......ride the DART and save on gas!! :)

How about samples today?

Sorry no post yesterday! My husband was off and we worked and played in the yard ALL day. The kids were so tired and dirty last night. :)

I surfed around for a few minutes this morning and found 5 samples/freebies that should be "new".

Kashi Granola, Kashi is so yummy and good for you. Not to mention organic!

Yogi Tea , I've never tried this tea before. I love tea, so I'll be excited to see this one arrive.

Icy Hot , this one is from Wal-Mart. Wouldn't hurt to have this patch on just never know!

Purex , who doesn't wash laundry??????

Reach Access Daily Flosser , flossing is a must!! :)

Enjoy.....and please let me know if you find anything else fun. Just add a comment to this (or any other) post. Thanks!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Reusable Grocery Bags~Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, there are several places to get free reusable bags!!

Let's start with a store I'm quite impressed with lately....Kroger's. First you will need to submit a bag design idea. It's also an entry for $500. Then your Kroger card will be loaded for your free bag, just pick it up the next time you shop. Easy enough!

Something else I love about Kroger....I bought some Kroger brand "Cool Whip" the other day. It's the topping for our Jello (read: cheap dessert). Anyway both the container AND the lid were made with #2 plastic. Yippee!! I'm a little OCD with the recycling here at home.

Next up on the list, Wal-Mart . Stop by this Saturday the 19th at 8am for a free reusable shopping bag. They are also handing out wildflower seeds.

Both Kroger and Wal-mart normally sell a reusable shopping bag for about $1. An excellent price!

Last on my list is Earthbound Farms. Take a conservation quiz and if you get at least 9 out of 10 correct, you'll win a reusable bag. It got all 10 correct!! :)

When you do get plastic bags, be sure to reuse them. I use mine for small trash can liners, cat box duty and eBay packing. If you still have too many on hand, please recycle them at your local grocery store.
Here's 5 reasons the reuse, from the Kroger's website:

1. Every year Americans throw away 100 billion plastic grocery bags. These bags can clog drains, crowd landfills, and leave an unsightly blot on the landscape.

2. Plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to break down.

3. Each reusable bag has the potential to eliminate an average of 1,000 plastic bags over its lifetime.

4. The production of plastic bags requires large amounts of crude oil, natural gas, or other petrochemical derivatives.

5. The production of paper bags requires large amounts of wood, petroleum, and coal.

Thanks for reading!!!! :)

Free Photos and Samples

Not only is it the IRS tax deadline, but Walgreens has 15 free prints today. Order them online and use the promo code "TAXDAY". Must be ordered today but can be picked up anytime. Click here to head to Walgreens now.

I'm sure there are more "April 15th" deals out there. Let me know if you see one!

Walgreens also has an offer for a free fragrance

Yay, Walgreens!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

$4 off $20 at CVS

Here's a coupon in case anyone needs one:

Update--These coupons are NO LONGER valid or issued in this format!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Treasure Hunting

I hit a few thrift stores last week. I usually don't buy anything for us, unless it's "to die for". I'm trying to get rid of my "junk" not accumulate more. Haha. This last week was a rare week for me. Here's what I found:

First stop Goodwill. Two china plates, $.59 each. I originally bought these to sell on eBay. Once I got home I started to really look at them, then my husband looked at them, then I made the mistake of holding them up on the wall in my kitchen, where.......they looked perfect!! I looked them up for fun on Replacements.Com, they came from a set of 4, and are going for $18 each plate. Sometimes profit has to take a back burner to cuteness. Now I'm on the hunt for the other 2 plates...just as cheap!

Later in the week, I hit a store that has everything priced for $1.97 or less. It's a fun place to treasure hunt. My mom usually finds books at this stop. Anyway, I found these 2 super fun chairs and this Ralph Lauren Polo t-shirt for my son. All priced at......$.97 each!! My kids have been dragging the chairs in and out for the past 2 days. They love them!!

Last thrift stop for the week. My favorite stop!!!!!!! Okay, so I found these super cute Gap "long and lean" jeans in my size. I have recently lost some weight and have NO jeans. There was no fitting room. So at $3, I told myself I'd sell them for a profit "worst case scenario". I get home......they were made just for me. I love them!!!!! I also found a new, never opened, Strawberry Shortcake puzzle (my daughter's birthday is in 2 weeks) for $.50, a, new in package, Fiskars For Kids scissors $.50, and a cute cobalt blue bottle for my kitchen $1.00.

Total spent for the week (on "myself") $9.09.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Trees and TV

This is way too TV online and help plant trees. Wow! Earth day is the 22nd. We planted one new tree this spring, a Red Oak. That makes 10 trees on our small lot (1/4 of an acre).

I'll have more on Earth Day later. :)


Saturday April 12th is Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R.) day!!!!!!!!

The day was selected in honor of Beverly Cleary's birthday. Families, friends and communities are invitied to come together and read for at least 30 minutes on Saturday (and everyday!).

For more info about D.E.A.R. day, click here.

Also, April 30th is Children's Day/Book Day. It is a day to celebrate the joys and wonders of childhood and the importance of books in our lives.

"Reading to your child for at least 20 minutes a day can become a family tradition. Children will enjoy the experience and grow to love and appreciate books." For more info, click here.

I come from a long line of readers and am trying my best to pass that on to my kids. We visit our public library once a week for story time. The kids enjoy books, felt stories, songs and a craft. We load up on books and one video. All for FREE!! Click here for help finding your local library. Also, check with local book stores for story times. Barnes and Noble in my area holds them during the day and in the evening. Just resist the urge to buy books while you're there! Haha.

I'm so excited that summer is approaching. Our librbary has the coolest summer reading program. My kids (who are only 1 and 3) got so many fun "prizes" for reading last summer. The final prize was a new book. :) Be sure to check for programs in you area.

$5 off at Walgreens-April 11th ONLY

Click here for your coupon!!

Also, head over to Money Saving Mom, for some deal ideas. Lots of money is ready to be SAVED!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Albertson's April 9-15th

Albertson's has a few good items 10 for $10 this week. Combine them with the following coupons and you have yourself a really good deal.

Bar S Hot Dogs $1.00 minus $.25 off (tripled)=$.25 per pack

Diet Pepsi Max $1.00 minus $.50 (doubled)=FREE

Little Debbie Snacks $1.00 minus $.25 off (tripled)=$.25 per box

Other good 10 for $10 items:

Blue Bell and Haagen Dazs pints
Equaline Mouth Wash

Please let me know of anything good I missed. I'm waiting a few days until I head over.

Wal-Mart Samples

So the Huggies Sample is working again!! You can pick size 1, 3 or 5.

While I was at the Wal-Mart sample site, I also got:

John Frieda Shampoo/Conditioner sample , you can pick Blonde or Brunette.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease, you can pick curly or straight.

I also wanted to say that yesterday my Vaseline Intensive Rescue sample came. It was a 1 oz travel size with a $2 coupon. Very nice!!!!

Please let me know of any other "fun" sample offers. :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Family Night at Baskin Robbins

Tuesday night is Family Night at Baskin Robbins. Be sure to check with your local store for details.

Kids cones are $1.00 and adult cones are $1.50!! Not a bad deal!! We headed in with a B1G1 free sundae coupon, but changed our minds once we got there. For the same price ($5) we each got our own cone! Not that we mind sharing. :)

A bonus for the trip was we got to sit outside. It was 73 degrees outside and so beautiful. The crazy part is that we were the only ones outside. Everyone else was inside.....strange!! The heat isn't here yet and it was bug free as well. Just perfect!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Look at what $.48 will get you at CVS!!

What a great week at CVS!! At my first glance over the ad I wasn't sure I needed anything or could work any deals....wrong!! I did 4 transactions, each for at least $20 so I could us a $4 off $20 coupon from here. I started the week with $30.94 in Extra Care Bucks and ended up with $33.00. So I made a profit of $2.06 in ECB. But, I spent $2.54 out of pocket. So, $2.54 OOP minus the $2.06 ECB profit is.......$.48 "spent".

Here's what's pictured:

2 Swiffer (10 ct) refills
4 CVS Soft Cloths (baby wipes)
2 Sunsilk Sampoos
2 Sunsilk Conditioners
1 Sunsilk Leave-In Cream
2 Johnson's Baby Shampoos
2 Johnson's Creamy Baby Oils
1 Johnson's Baby Wash
1 Johnson's Baby Buddy
1 Gerber Applesauce (needed to hit $25 in baby products for $10 ECB)
1 Easter sticky note pad, it was only 5 cents! So cute!
4 Excedrines, 24 ct.
1 Cover Girl TruBlend foundation
1 Cover Girl TruBlend Concealer
1 Cover Girl eyeliner

That's less than $.02 an item. And.... according to my receipt, I saved $114.03!!!! :)

Here's the coupons I used:

I had two $1.00 off and B1G1 free Cover Girl from Sunday's paper (April 6th)

$2.00 any CVS brand purchase of $10, this is from the purple brochure.

The best part is that I needed the wipes, the Swiffers and the Johnson's stuff (we love Johnson's around here). The make-up wasn't an "emergency" but I did have fun with my friend Danielle shopping for it. She came over Sunday for "CVS training". The Cover Girl stuff was also something I made money on. My husband needed the Excedrine. I guess the Sunsilk was just a bonus, haha. Yay, CVS!!!!!!

Birthday Clubs

With both of my kids birthdays approaching fast, I was excited to see this list of kids birthday clubs. Free kids meals, desserts, etc.....Thanks to Freebies 4 Mom.

P.S. Both Baskin Robbins and Cold Stone allow the whole family to join under one profile, so it looks like we will each be getting 2 free ice creams when our birthdays roll around!! :)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Freebies on Friday

Here's some freebies to jump start the weekend:

Free 1 year magazine subscription!! I did this a few weeks back and forgot about it until today. My first Glamour magazine showed up. Wow! I looks like the list of what's available changes, but free is free.

Sunsilk- Oh my, this one is awesome. Each sample come with 3 products and there are five to choose from. Oh wait......, you don't have to choose. You can get all 5. Order them one at a time. Plus each one comes with a $2.00 coupon. But wait, there's more! Once you're done "ordering" your sample, you can print off a $1.50 coupon. See....I told you this one was fun!!

Gillette 2 in 1 Body Wash-from Wal-Mart.....these things arrive fast.

Hallmark Everyday Card-also from Wal-Mart

Hamburger Helper

Here's a tip......I always request a sample with my name and e-mail and again with my husband's info. He can thank me for all the junk e-mails later. :)

Yesterday's CVS trips

Yesterday after dropping off my daughter at pre-school I ran a few errends. I made 2 CVS stops. I really didn't work any zero OOP deals, although I could have. You can see what I got. I did use a $4 off $20 coupon from here and a $2 off $10 of CVS brand stuff. The later coupon is available at CVS, it's in a purple brochure. Only one in my area still has them left, so I grabbed 3 when I was in last. Anyway, I could have used some of my existing ECB to make the purchase zero out of pocket (OOP) but I didn't. Why not?? I used my Flexible Spending Mastercard. So, to me it was zero OOP. Hehe. Anyway, the CVS brand pain reliver is an April deal. They are $3.99 and you get $3.99 back. I threw in an Excedrine as well for my hubby. I got $1 back from it. I used this $2 off Excedrine coupon. So anyway, I recieved back $11.97, $7.98, and $1.00 in ECB. If I would have done this all in one transaction but the pain reliver ECB would have all been in one $19.95 chunk. I didn't want to be "forced" to spend $20 in one CVS trip.

Then I ran into Walgreens and picked up my free ink refill from Wednesday. Yippee!! I use a lot of ink with eBay.

Lastly I ran into Albertson's, to the Redbox machine, and got another free movie. I used the code "dvdonme" this time. Click here for more codes.

Yesterday's OOP, zero!!!!!!! No extra gas used since everything was one to way home. Well, the only extra gas used was starting the car 4 extra times. I'm a freak about gas since I drive an SUV. Not very planet friendly, I know, but I LOVE it. It's my dream car. :) And I only use the E85 gas, in case that makes anyone feel better.
So, now I have a grand total of $30.94 in ECB that are broken down into 5 "bucks". I'm ready for next week.

Another CVS deal that I did earlier in the week is the Soft Soap Body Spa Wash, $4.99 with $4.99 back. Use this $1.00 coupon, and you'll make a dollar profit on each one. There was a $1.50 in the paper last week for you coupon clippers!! I've only gotten 3 of these this week, so I've made $3.50 profit and gotten 3 body washes!! I love CVS!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Thank you to those of you who have signed up with Revolution MoneyExchange!! Be sure to send the referal link to you friends and family (you get $10 for each referal). Spread that free money love!!!!!!

I had 3 samples come in the mail today!!

Here's what I've gotten so far this week:

Quaker Whole Grain Granola Bar w/ coupon
Glad ForceFlex trash bag
Tide w/Dawn Stain Scrubbers
Curel Life Stages lotion (2 types)
CoffeeMate free coupon

I only requested these 2 weeks ago, not bad!!

Kids Eat Free or Cheap!!

Here's a list my brother sent me. Thanks Mason!!!!

It's broken down by the day. A lot, but not all, of these are "local" places, so here's my suggestion. Copy the list and paste it to a blank Word document. Delete and add to the list, "make it you own". Here's the important part.....PRINT it off and keep it with you. Mine is in my coupon bag that I keep in my purse. I'll post more on my coupon bag soon. :)

Margaritas - kids eat free all day
Hangtown Grill - kids eat free all day
Gattiland - MOMS eat free
TGI Friday ' s - kids eat free and get free animal balloons
Texadelphia South - kids eat free
Zuzu - kids free after 6:00 p.m.
La Salsa - kids eat free after 4:00 p.m.
Double Daves Pizza - kids under 5 eat free
Serranos - kids eat free
Joes Crab Shack - Kids meal $0.99 up to two meals per paying adult

Jason's Deli-kids eat with with adult order 5-10pm, 906 W Mcdermott, Allen, TX
Applebee's-kids eat free with adult entree purchase, DFW locations
Spaghetti Warehouse - kids eat free at nigh
Fazoli ' s - kids eat for $0.99 from 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Kerbey Lane - kids eat free all day
Denny ' s - kids eat free from 4:00 - 10:00 p.m.
Chick-fil-A - kids eat free after 5:00 p.m.
Zuzu - kids eat free after 6:00 p.m.
La Salsa - kids eat free after 4:00 pm
McAllisters - kids eat free
Double Daves Pizza - kids under 5 eat free
Joes Crab Shack - $0.99 kids meals up to two per paying adult

Luby ' s - kids eat free after 4:30 p.m.
EZ ' s - kids eat free all day
Moe ' s Southwest Grill - kids eat free after 5:00 p.m.
Central Market - kids eat free after 5:00 p.m.
Zen - kids eat free after 5:00 p.m.
La Salsa - kids eat free
Double Daves Pizza - kids under 5 eat free
Joes Crab Shack - $0.99 kids meals up to two per paying adult

La Salsa - kids eat free
Double Daves Pizza- kids under 5 eat
Joe's Crab Shack - $0.99 kids meals to two per paying adult


Luby ' s - kids eat free all day
Texas Land & Cattle - kids eat free from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Steak n Shake-kids eat free

Souper Salad - kids aged 3-5 eat for $0.50; kids aged 6-12 eat for $0.99
Zen - kids eat free all day
Texadelphia - kids eat free at certain locations

All Week
Cici ' s Pizza - kids under 3 eat free
Fresh Choice - kids aged 2 and under eat free; kids aged 3-5 eat for $.99; kids aged 6-8 eat for $2.99
Denny ' s - kids eat free on their birthday
Pizza Hut ' s lunch buffet - kids eat free.

Please let me know of any more places you know of. I'd love to add to my list!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who wants samples?

So it wasn't this afternoon, but here's some samples that I thought were fun.

Clean Home Journal April Showers Gift Pack-hurry this is limited to the first 10K people

Dove Body Lotion-I thought I already did this but it went through.... :)

Pull Ups Potty Training DVD

Together Green T-Shirt-hurry this is limited to the first 1000 people

14 day supply of Nature Made Vitimans-7 types to choose from

Free Inkjet Refill


Head by Walgreens with an empty ink jet cartridge and the coupon from here. Check out the site for which catridges they will refill, etc.

Since I'm a recycle freak, I have 4 cartridges in my desk waiting to be sent off or dropped off for recycling. Yippee!! You can't drive 10 miles in my area without passing 3 Walgreens, so I will try to get 2 blacks and 1 color today.

My husband gets back from his business trip today, so maybe he can make one Walgreens run for me.

We're heading out for Story Time at the library now. :) I've seen lots of samples this morning, so please check back this afternoon and I'll try to have them up by then. Wednesdays are always crazy for me.

P.S. Just got back from dropping off my cartridge. It seems it won't be ready until 3. That's 5 hours from now! They are tracking them with address and phone so you'll have to be creative to do more than one. Cell phone, friends address, etc.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Free Swingline Stapler!!

Fill out a quick survey about a tool kit from Swingline and recieve a free Swingline Optima Desk Stapler, worth over $20. Wow!!

Thanks Allie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CVS Savings

Over at Be Thrifty Like Us, they were asking about CVS savings so far this year.

I only started working the CVS deals about 2 weeks ago. Click here to see my first trip. Well, in the past 2 weeks I have saved $156.58. Not bad, huh?

I've purchased "stock pile" items (body wash, toothpaste etc.), diapers, soda, TP, paper towels, Easter candy, gifts, etc......

Yay, CVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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